Studying abroad during college is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I think everyone should take advantage of. I just returned from my three week trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, and I loved every single minute of it. When it came to packing for my trip, I didn't know much about what I would need versus what I wouldn't need. Now that I'm back from my trip, here are 14 items I'm glad I packed/wish I packed.

1. Crossbody Purse 

This is one thing I forgot, and I regretted it every day. Being hands-free was a luxury I didn't have as I was toting around a giant purse everywhere I went.

2. A phone holder for your bike

Copenhagen is a biking city, and I quickly learned that holding a phone in one hand and steering my bike with another was not a very smart (or safe) idea. A phone holder secures your phone to the handlebars of your bike so you can easily navigate using Google Maps hands-free.

3. Nail polish 

Chipping nail polish is one of my least favorite things, so going three weeks with no way to fix this was annoying to say the least.

4. Tennis shoes 

Bring one pair for walking around (function > fashion) and one pair for running through the park.

5. A back-up iPhone charger 

My iPhone charger randomly split in half about halfway through my trip. Even though I could buy a new one, I wish I had brought a backup just in case.

6. Jean Jacket

A jean jacket will go with just about any outfit, and is great for chilly mornings and nights.

7. A box of American granola bars

Yes, you can buy granola bars abroad, but unless you want to be eating black-licorice flavored bars, I recommend bringing a box of Cliff bars from home.

8. International plug converter 

You can't charge your electronics without it.

9. A reusable water bottle 

Water is not free in Denmark, so having a bottle I could fill up before leaving in the morning was a life saver.

10.  An eye mask for sleeping 

The sun does not fully set during the summer season in Denmark, so having something to block out the light helped me sleep so much better.

11.  Sunglasses

These are easily forgettable, but also regretted if forgotten.

12.  Some foreign currency. 

But not a whole lot! Most stores used credit cards anyways.

13.  Comfortable shoes 

Leave your fancy sandals, high heels (and rain boots!) at home. You'll thank me later.

14.  Wet wipes

These gave me just a little more sanity when I rode on gross airplanes, trains, and metros.

Happy packing!