10 Ways To Spend Your Summer Break

Summer has kicked off for just about everyone in the country, and I'm sure many of us are just sitting at home on the couch watching Netflix with a bag of Cheetos or reading online article which would be the reason you're reading this right now. So, to make your summer a memorable one, here are 13 ways you can spice up the rest of your break!

1. Spend the day at the beach with your pals and watch the sunset.

Spending the day at the beach with your friends is the best way to start the summer off! Get a tan, play with some sand, take great pictures and then watch the sunset! A perfect way to start the break!

2. Night swimming

Jump in!

3. Go to a concert

Almost everyone has their 'amazing concert experience' story that they share with everyone, now you can too!

4. Look up recipes and try them!

Pick a clearance in the woods or on the top of a hill, start a fire, get together and spend the night sharing stories and singing the campfire song!

6. Have a water balloon fight

What better way to cool off on a hot summer day?

7. Go on a road trip!

Drive to another city or state with your pals and make memories you'll never forget!

8. Have a movie marathon

9. Celebrate the 4th of July!

It is the only day the entire country parties together..

10. Spend a night watching the stars

Probably the best way to relax and have some me time!

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