13 Ways To Overcome Minor Stress In Your Everyday Life.

13 Ways To Overcome Minor Stress In Your Everyday Life.

Minor stresses are important to address.


Everyone deals with minor stresses of some sort. Whether it's school or your job or your kids, everyone stresses about something. It is important to learn to cope with the smaller stresses that life throws at you in order to be comfortable with handling the bigger ones.

Overcoming minor stresses is something that I personally have had to deal with a lot the past two years. While learning how to overcome this stress, I have been able to come up with a comprehensive list of the top 13 ways to overcome that minor stress.

1. Create achievable goals for yourself. 

By creating goals and mini-goals for yourself, you will be able to see how much you are accomplishing. You will also narrow down your stress by seeing exactly what you need to do.

2. Set priorities. 

If you have priorities, then you will be able to accomplish things in the order you need to.

3. Strive for progress, not perfection. 

Once you stop worrying about being perfect and begin focusing on getting things done well, you'll be happier.

4. Stay positive!

Nothing can change your mood or your mindset better than a positive attitude. You know what they say, fake it until you make it!

5. Rely more on hard work than good luck.

A common mistake people make is that things will "just happen" or that if they are positive enough, everything will just go their way. This is absolutely not the case. You have to work hard to get the results you want. If you're stressed about getting a project done, then put in some hard work and get it done right. You've got this!

6. Get some air. 

Sometimes when you're cooped up in your office or in school all day, your mind gets fuzzy, you get tired, and you get discouraged. The best way to completely rejuvenate your spirits is to go outside. Take a walk, hit the beach, take a hike, take a nap in your hammock, do your favorite outdoor activity to get some fresh oxygen and restart your body!

7. Clean up your space. 

Clean your room, your office, your kitchen, your car- wherever you spend a lot of time. A cleaner space leads to a calmer mind.

8. Pet a dog. 

This is pretty self explanatory. There is no sweeter, more happy, or loving creature than a dog. Sorry cat lovers!

9. Take a bath. 

Be extra with it, too. Use that $5 bath bomb and those essential oils! Take this time to truly relax and restart yourself.

10. Read a book. 

This might seem ridiculous, and I know what you're thinking: "how on Earth can I concrete on something so arbitrary when I have so much else I need to be doing?" Sometimes you need that 30 minutes of losing yourself in a book. A temporary escape to a new reality can be just what you need to calm down.

11. Be kind to someone. 

Making someone else's day can in turn make you happier. Check out this post for inspiration!

12. Don't overload yourself.

Be sure that you're doing what is best for you. If you're doing too much, then it is okay to say "no" to people every once in a while.

13. Laugh! 

There's truly nothing better than a big belly laugh.

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The Truth About Young Marriage

Different doesn't mean wrong.

When I was a kid, I had an exact picture in my mind of what my life was going to look like. I was definitely not the kind of girl who would get married young, before the age of 25, at least.

And let me tell you, I was just as judgmental as that sentence sounds.

I could not wrap my head around people making life-long commitments before they even had an established life. It’s not my fault that I thought this way, because the majority opinion about young marriage in today’s society is not a supportive one. Over the years, it has become the norm to put off marriage until you have an education and an established career. Basically, this means you put off marriage until you learn how to be an adult, instead of using marriage as a foundation to launch into adulthood.

When young couples get married, people will assume that you are having a baby, and they will say that you’re throwing your life away — it’s inevitable.

It’s safe to say that my perspective changed once I signed my marriage certificate at the age of 18. Although marriage is not always easy and getting married at such a young age definitely sets you up for some extra challenges, there is something to be said about entering into marriage and adulthood at the same time.

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Getting married young does not mean giving up your dreams. It means having someone dream your dreams with you. When you get lost along the way, and your dreams and goals seem out of reach, it’s having someone there to point you in the right direction and show you the way back. Despite what people are going to tell you, it definitely doesn’t mean that you are going to miss out on all the experiences life has to offer. It simply means that you get to share all of these great adventures with the person you love most in the world.

And trust me, there is nothing better than that. It doesn’t mean that you are already grown up, it means that you have someone to grow with.

You have someone to stick with you through anything from college classes and changing bodies to negative bank account balances.

You have someone to sit on your used furniture with and talk about what you want to do and who you want to be someday.

Then, when someday comes, you get to look back on all of that and realize what a blessing it is to watch someone grow. Even after just one year of marriage, I look back and I am incredibly proud of my husband. I’m proud of the person he has become, and I’m proud of what we have accomplished together. I can’t wait to see what the rest of our lives have in store for us.

“You can drive at 16, go to war at 18, drink at 21, and retire at 65. So who can say what age you have to be to find your one true love?" — One Tree Hill
Cover Image Credit: Sara Donnelli Photography

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If Shonda Can Do A Year Of Yes, Then So Can I



A few years ago, Shonda Rimes decided to do a year of saying yes, after her sister told her she says "No" to everything. It ended up changing her life.

So, I've decided to embark on my own year of yes.

Sure, it may be easy to say yes to everything when you're a millionaire with a bunch of record-setting televisions shows, but the rest of us can do it too.

Say yes to treating yourself.

Say yes to taking care of yourself.

Say yes to saying no, don't stretch yourself too thin.

Say yes to new opportunities

The year of yes is about taking better care of yourself.

My year of yes starts right now.

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