13 Ways College Kids Can Take Time For Themselves

13 Ways College Kids Can Take Time For Themselves

The most important thing you can do for yourself is taking care of yourself.

Mattihas Zoner

Now that the back to school hype has slowly faded away and most classes have assigned group projects and first exams are being taken, the semester can already be stressful for many of us. Having busy weeks with heavy coursework and taking the time to be involved in organizations on campus, "you time" is essential. Here some ways to take time for yourself.

1. Take a nap

I don't think I have to tell any college kid to. It is pretty much voluntary for us.

2. Go to the gym

For some people, this is the farthest thing from their mind. But working out is a good stress relief for students as well as making your body feel energized

3. Baking

Kitchens are hard to come by when you are in the dorms, but find an oven and make some of your favorite treats (brownies are my personal favorite)

4. Journaling

When days are hard, the best way to get out your feelings is writing about it. I have recently discovered that writing down your thoughts really clears your head. Writing journal entries that talk about all the good things really makes you appreciate what you all have in life.

5. Netflix

Pulling up your favorite show or movie and snacking on your favorite comfort food is always the best way to unwind.

6. Lunch dates

Treat yourself and get something good to eat (healthy or unhealthy). Inviting friends to come with is optional

7. Coffee or hot tea

Nothing makes you feel more warm and fuzzy than with something just as warm

8. Listening to music

Whether it's rock, alternative, EDM, pop or classical, listen to what you need to make you feel emotion. Sometimes you just need to cry or just need to dance around room singing to every word. You need a playlist to match those emotions. Spotify has some great playlists to chose from.

9. Yoga

The Student Fitness Center at Illinois State offers free yoga classes during the year and they are great. I discovered it my freshman year first semester. My friends and I would take time after class to help unwind. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

10. Just breathe

Sometimes you just need to just pause life. Close your eyes and breathe. Slow and deep breaths. It makes you stop thinking about whatever you are thinking about and think about your breaths.

11. Reading

Not everyone is a reader but even taking the time to read an article you are interested or a short story, reading can take you to a whole new world.

12. Being outside

Fresh air works wonders. The feeling of the wind brush on your face is refreshing and helps clear your head.

13. Most importantly, set time aside to relax

The only way you can take time for yourself is by having the time to do it. Set a 10-15 minute time frame to relax and enjoy yourself and all the hard work you do.

Life can get crazy and stress may hit you at the most inconvenient times. But just know that you can get through this and you are more than capable of whatever life throws at you.

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