13 Things Racine Locals Know To Be True
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13 Things Racine Locals Know To Be True

Life without Kringle isn't a life at all.

13 Things Racine Locals Know To Be True
Habush, Habush & Rottier S.C.

South of Milwaukee and North of Chicago sits a bustling yet serene, family-friendly yet sometimes less safe city called Racine. Racine is typically overlooked as it is home to really nothing...or so it may seem. Racine locals either love their city, or they hate it, but either way, everyone can agree that we share an undeniable bond over the things that we know to be true, but evidently, nobody else seems to believe.

1. Our prom is unbelievable.

Our prom is, to quote Urban Dictionary, "the absolute crunkest prom of any city in the US". If you haven't already, try explaining our prom to people that aren't from Racine. I usually lose them about the time I begin talking about the police-escorted parade downtown and the bouncy houses.

2. The glory that is Kringle.

These poor non-Racine people have no idea what Kringle is, and if by the off-chance they do, chances are its because they have tried the grocery store brand of it. Those poor souls.

3. And also, Main Moon and its equally wonderful and rightly named counterpart, Main Moon 2.

People outside of Racine cannot fathom that there could be a Chinese food place better than Panda Express. Let me tell you. Panda Express tastes like garbage compared to this.

4. The struggle of driving through the mall area.

If you make it through one of the lights, chances are 100 percent that you'll hit all six lights after that.

5. The overwhelming excitement, and also disgust, of the 4th of July.

If Racine knows how to do anything right, it's throwing a party. The fourth of July starts on the third with the Sturtevant fireworks, and doesn't end until people stop drinking (usually the 6th). However, where there is good, there is also bad, and the 4th of July is when all of the ratchets come out in full swing and take over the city.

6. The pain of trying to explain to non-Wisconsin-natives that you weren't raised on a farm is unbearable.

While I am aware that the county of Racine is home to many farms, people from the city of Racine are frequently far from "farm material". However, the stereotype of Wisconsites all being dairy farmers makes it very difficult to explain to people that I indeed do not know how to milk a cow and I have absolutely no desire to do that, just as I'm sure the majority of Racine doesn't either.

7. Wondering how Regency mall is still open is something that plagues your mind frequently.

Who even shops there anymore? Besides, all of the stores keep closing. That should be a hint to business owners.

8. Trying to explain to people that the restaurant with creepy dolls on display actually serves the best hamburgers known to man is a difficult task.

I hope to never see this place go out of business. It's arguably the heart of lunch in Racine.

9. The struggle of wanting to drive by the lake but not wanting to smell that, um, smelly smell.

We all know the place, but it catches visitors by surprise.

10. We are really proud of all the great people that are Racine natives (i.e. Caron Butler).

We'll also claim Tony Romo. On a serious note, watch Caron Butler's story here and get a better glimpse of what Racine is like for a lot of its people and also to see his amazing success.

11. Mentioning Horlick High School in conversation with non-locals is uncomfortable.

"What did you just say?"

12. All of the nature that we often overlook is actually stunningly beautiful and should be appreciated.

Racine is home to the lake, River bend, and several other beautiful parks and bodies of water. However, we rarely take time to appreciate these things.

13. No matter how far away you move, Racine will always be home.

Whether its the fond memories of senior prom, the yummy food, or the beautiful lake, Racine always will have a special place in its residents hearts.... whether we accept that or not.
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