13 Things You Learn When You Become a Big
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13 Things You Learn When You Become a Big

It's a learning process, as told by 'Parks and Recreation'.

13 Things You Learn When You Become a Big
Victoria LaFave

From the moment you accept your bid, Big/Little week is on your mind. As a Little, it is one of the most exciting experiences of going Greek. On the flipside, the charm doesn't diminish. If anything, it grows. The experience is so new and exciting as a Little and when you cross over to the Big side it is equally as exciting and oh so rewarding.

There are several aspects of being a Big that you can prepare for. What will your crafts be? What will you pass down to your Little? Will you be an over protective Big or a laissez-faire Big? These are things that we Bigs can plan for but, it's a learning process. There is so much to learn.

1. Crafting is hard.

Pinterest is great until the sailboat you painted looks like a Rorschach ink test or an equilateral triangle. Those Greek letters the instructions show? Forget about it. No two letters will end up the same size, it's practically impossible.

2. Glitter is contagious.

It's terrifying where you can find it. No matter how careful you are, it ends up in the entirety of your apartment and in your best friend's mouth. Your parents will be concerned but it is best to reassure them that you are still in school.

3. Sleep is for the week (after reveal).

The pressure of Pinterest perfect crafts is enough to break a woman. It's all fun and games until its 2 a.m. and you didn't study for tomorrows quiz. Big/Little reveal does not come without a few all-nighters.

4. Keeping secrets is tricky.

Especially when all you want to do is run to your Little and shower her with love and support. But mum is the word. So the best case scenario is to run away from Little in any public setting or risk sweating profusely or clamming up and giving yourself away.

5. Being a mystery is an art form.

Leaving clues behind during reveal week sounds like a lot of fun until you have to actually write the clues. How do you leave a clue that is specific enough yet ambiguous enough? How do you resist the urge to tell Little who you are without ruining the surprise? You know what? Just leave ridiculous clues, that will solve everything.

6. Not everyone will understand you.

When describing your excitement to non-Greek people, the number of puzzled looks and qualifying questions is overwhelming. Some people will stop to understand it or be happy for you, others won't. You can't convince everyone of the amazing experience that is Big/Little reveal.

7. Patience is a virtue.

Anticipating the reveal is horrible. Counting down the hours is maddening but trying to ignore the clock is impossible. After a week or two of secrecy, you are bursting at the seems, all patience has been depleted. But you just have to wait one. more. hour.

8. Worrying is natural.

When reveal finally arrives, Bigs are drained of more sleep and creative energy than most people comprehend. By the end of the week, you are ready to surprise your Little. But, what if she doesn't like you? What if she wanted someone else? What if you guys aren't the most perfect Big/Little pairing? These thoughts are all normal, but you have to learn to take a breather. Breathing buddies are preferred.

9. Some things are worth waiting for.

In that fatal second that you reveal yourself to your little, things just seem to fall into place. All of the sleepless nights and panicked breakdowns make sense. This wasn't for naught. There is a reason behind the torture and stress and that reason is the look on your Little's face when she finally is able to meet you as her Big sister. It's a moment that is well worth the wait.

10. With great power comes great responsibility.

Sure we all want the title of being someone's Big. But, being a Big extends far beyond crafting for Big/Little reveal. Little needs you, you are her mentor. She will need you when she and her mother get into an argument and when her boyfriend is being a dick. She will need your closet when she has nothing to wear for a mixer and she will need your notes when she sleeps through class. Mainly, she will need your support, acceptance, and guidance.

11. Not every piece of advice you give will be golden.

As Bigs we think we have to know all of the answers, be a stable guide through life. But we are learning too. We are making mistakes too. Not every option you offer your Little will be the best, and that's ok. She's not asking you to be the best, she just needs you to be the best you can be. But if you seem to stumble in the advice category, sending motivating quotes from Pinterest usually works.

12. Some people enter your life for a reason.

There is a reason you and your Little were paired together. You two will work well together, whether you have the same music taste or rant together about politics. You felt a connection to Little for a reason, you were paired for a reason. Often times, what we Bigs forget is that your Little will help support you. You were paired for a reason, let Little help you grow, too. You will benefit from her as much as, if not more than, she benefits from you.

13. Love is the greatest gift you can give.

Crafts are great fun but becoming a Big is much more than that. Being a Big is a responsibility but one that you will love. Love is what drives us to become Bigs in the first place. Love for our values, love for our legacy, love for sisterhood. But, love is what makes us continue to push to be the best Big/best friend we can be. Love is what guides us and what stops us from killing our Littles when she needs a ride at 3 a.m. Love is what swells inside our hearts and makes us cry during initiation. Love is what makes us protective and encouraging and jealous and understanding and so, so much more. The love between a Big and Little is more life changing than you can prepare for. Who knew that your heart could grow so many sizes to encompass so much love for such an amazing human?

Taking a Little is a lot like giving birth. It was all fun and games (well fun and crafts) and then suddenly you have a responsibility and someone looking toward you for advice and guidance. Maybe even food from time to time. But, it is one of the most rewarding aspects of Greek life. You can prepare as much as you want but nothing will brace you for the challenges to come. Nothing can prepare you for the rewards to follow. Not even this list. And, like parenting, it will teach you more about life and yourself than you ever planned for.

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