13 Things Guys Do That Piss Girls Off In A Heartbeat

13 Things Guys Do That Piss Girls Off In A Heartbeat

There's a guy sitting next to me... he's doing that classic man spreading thing... EEEKKKKKKKK.

There are certain behaviors that piss women off like no other. I'm sure we can think of many more examples, but here are some that stand out amongst the rest.

1. Act oblivious or like they don't know what's going on.

"HUH??" "What are we doing?"

2. When they don't listen and then continue to be oblivious.

"Hi, what's the plan today?" He may ask, and as you answer, he'll start texting or walking away and completely ignore you.

3. Fail to make eye contact.

Your eyes don't need to travel from my face to my boobs six times a sentence.

4. Leave the toilet seat up.

Just take the extra two seconds to put it down. Don't ask questions.

5. Continually joke around at ALL TIMES.

We don't always want to be joking around and getting playfully hit.

6. Send one-word texts.

Yes. No. Why? How? Who? What? What? WHAT?

7. Initiate conversation and then drift off, zone out, turn the music up so they can't hear you.

Don't ask us a question and then intentionally disregard our answer.

8. Comment on another girl's physical appearance while we're standing right there.

9. Man spread.

You are taking up all the damn room everywhere we go.

10. Neglect to celebrate milestones.

I don't care if you don't acknowledge that you've been dating a girl for a week, but if you've been talking/dating for a while, it's nice to know you care.

11. Eat every single disgusting thing you can find in front of us.

Whether it's a sandwich with everything you can find in the kitchen on it or a plate of ketchup for one fry, at least be conscious of not being outrageously obnoxious as you eat it... please and thanks.

12. Make us take longer routes through public areas so that you can show us off.

This is cute sometimes, sure, but not EVERY TIME.

13. When he owns and guards the aux with his life.

Sorry, is your music the only music worth listening to?

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If You're In College, You Need To Take Your Significant Other Out... Like, Right Now

Get off that futon and show them you care!

For young adults, trying to navigate college can be hard as it is... for single people. But people who are dating or in a relationship suddenly half to balance their significant other on top of an immense workload, new friends, and adjusting to college life in general. Don't let going on dates lose any priority on your to-do list, allow your significant other to feel appreciated and make time for them outside of the dorm room.

It's often easy to hang out in a dorm, shoving your face with pizza and watching Netflix or playing video games but it is almost a guarantee that your other half is looking to expand their social bubble from the confines of that futon every once and awhile. Going on dates may seem like too much unnecessary effort when you could just stay in the comfort of your own bed, but relationships require effort.

Doing small things can go a long way, especially when you both are surviving on a college budget.

Date night (or date day or date-breakfast... really the possibilities are endless) adds several key values to your relationship. The thoughtfulness and effort that is required when planning a date no matter how big or small show that you are invested in the relationship. Similarly, date night allows you and your partner to work on communication or get back to each other and remind you why you are a couple in the first place.

People often hold similar misconceptions of what a date has to be.

Many times this assumption goes along the lines that a date needs to be a large ordeal involving flowers, gifts, and expensive dinners when in reality a date, especially at college, can be as simple as getting out of your rooms together. Proving to your significant other that you are proud to show them off demonstrates your love for them, and that feeling is irreplaceable.

Not suggesting to do something as small as taking a walk around the park or going to a different dining hall together can translate into bigger problems, problems that may question the foundation of your entire relationship. Don't leave your significant other to develop worries about your relationship! Put the insecurities to rest and realize how the smallest details can go the longest way.

Cover Image Credit: clickflashphotos / Flickr

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To the Girl Who Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve

It is okay to not be okay! It is okay to show your feelings on your face! You are unique!


To the Girl Who Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve,

IT IS OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY! IT IS OKAY TO WEAR YOUR HEART ON YOUR SLEEVE! I tell you it is okay for something to hurt more than it should. You are a special gem. You feel things that many people don’t. It may suck, but I tell you darling that it makes you unique. You have a bravery to share your heart with people who may not understand. You hurt. You fear. You don’t understand. You are the one that sees light in the darkness. 

I will be one of the first people to tell you that feelings are disastrous. They can cause you so many problems and heartaches. You feel everything. You let people in that you believe will be trustworthy and with that person comes every feeling imaginable. You have your highs and lows. You feel the good things, but then you can also feel the worst. No matter how hard you try Sweet Heart, you can’t push those feelings aside. You are going to feel them and people are going to be able to see how you feel on your face. This does not make you weak. 

When it comes to relationships, things can become difficult. You can be seen clingy because you want to get to know the person and you want to get to know every little thing. When you love, you love with your whole heart. Girl, I tell you that it is okay to love with your whole heart. You pour yourself into that person and you may get broken, but imagine how amazing it will be when you find Mr. Right! You are an all or nothing person. When you give your all to the right person, they will see that and reciprocate. 

Wearing your heart on your sleeve does not make you naïve, it makes you strong, genuine, and real. You won’t always act like you have it together and people will take notice and will confide in you. It increases the quality of your friendships. Darling, when you tell others what you are feeling, you are showing courage. You are sharing a piece of you that individual notice and will talk to you about. 

Darling, don’t let anyone tell you what to feel or what you shouldn’t feel. You are you. You can’t turn feelings off. You are going to feel what you feel. You are special. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

I am still learning that it is okay to wear your heart on your sleeve and that it is okay no to be okay. I know that it is difficult, but I am here to say that you should not be scared or worried about who you are. No one can be you. 


The Girl Who Also Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve

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