13 Things Cashiers Hear Every Shift

1. "If it doesn't scan it's free!"

That joke was never funny.

2. "I only came here for ---"

One shopping trip later they have a 200$ order and end up forgetting about that "one" thing they came for.

3. "Oh wait, I have the change!"

This can be either a blessing or a curse depending if our drawers are already open. We're not that good with math.

4. "I have bags!"

They say as you already have half their order in plastic. Bags are a great way to save the environment but aren't so great to open and fill up.

5. "Can I go grab - "

Run forest run!

6. *Comes through line a second or third time* "Hopefully this is the LAST time you see me!"

But it probably wont be.

7. "Do you work here?"

I used to get mad at this until I realized that so many people pop in straight after their shift. They need to make uniforms more diverse.

8. "Do you have the chip yet?"

No, sorry, we don't. Please slide.

9. "I hate the chip!"

Girl, me too.

10. "Do you guys sell *Ridiculous item you've never heard of*?"

Uh, let me go check!

11. "I'm back! I forgot - "

I literally feel for these people. I've been half way home and forgotten things before and it's not fun.

12. "Send it down! I'll bag for you!"

God bless these customers.

13. "One bag if you can!"

I don't know how I'll fit three gallons of milk in a bag but we can try.

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