Oh, winter.

We're often distracted by the excitement of Christmas and the New Year, yet when the holidays quickly pass us by, we're reminded that if we thought it was cold now- it's only going to get colder in New England. Often, the snow hits far after the magic of Christmas, and we're left with the brutal aftermath of the son of gun that we referred to as "Winter."

So, as I pack to get the hell out of New England and into the Virgin Island sunshine, I'll leave you with 13 things you probably forgot that you're in store for:

1. Slipping on everything.

It's a bloodbath out in the driveway, and black ice mocks you as take a digger on the pavement.

2. Scraping all the snow/ice off of your windshield.

This poor man is all of us.

3. Waiting for the heat to warm up in your freezing car.

Come on!!!

4. Walking outside with wet hair.

So incredibly accurate.

5. Forgetting your gloves.

Absolutely brutal.

6. Bundling up for outside, sitting in the car, getting extremely hot from the heat, and sweating insanely.

You can't ever win.

7. Trying to conquer the icy roads.

Slippin n' slidin, and trying not to die.

8. The whole "going out/shoe" dilemma.

I can't wear Uggs to a party, and lord knows I'll break an ankle if I wear heels of any sort. What the hell!

9. The whole "going out/coat" dilemma.

I want to wear my super warm winter coat but I don't want to lose it/forget it/have it stolen. GOD!

10. Walking. Anywhere.


11. When the pristine snow turns brown and muddy and down right disgusting.


12. When it's night time after only like 2 hours of sunlight.


And finally...

13. When the damn groundhog sees its shadow.