13 Struggles Women With Big Boobs Have In The Summer

13 Struggles Women With Big Boobs Have In The Summer

All you little boobed girls out there, be grateful.


Whether you love them or hate them, carrying around an extra 50 lbs on your chest isn't as glamorous as it might seem. Sure I'm blessed and grateful for the body God has given me, but that doesn't mean that women who are big chested like myself can't complain. Especially in the summer when the struggles of women with big boobs have a harder time finding clothes that fit, are affordable and have a tendency to make the warm weather seem ten times hotter outside. So, let me tell you some reasons about how summer is the worst season for all the busty ladies out there. Trust me--I struggle too!

1. Underboob sweat. The worst. I repeat... THE WORST.

It doesn't matter if it's walking the dog, sitting outside, or running a marathon, if it's hot out, my boobs sweat beyond belief. It makes embarrassing sweat marks through my bra and shirt for everyone to see.

2. Which now means every item that touches your breast must be washed over and over.

3. Summer fashion does not favor our breast size.

Bralettes? Strapless/Backless Dresses? Bandeaus? Nope.

No matter how hard they try to convince me, an extra large does not fit my size DD sized boobs, and never will. To be honest, it's a total bummer when some dresses and loose tops can have a tendency to make big chested women like myself look pregnant, or heavier than we actually are. And no, we can't just wear a bandeau without a bra. So thank you, considerate designers, for not only not considering our wants and needs for cute summer clothes, but actually trying to convince us that they can fit. Stop lying. Please, just stop.

4. A typical summer day is naturally a countdown to when you can get home and take your bra off.

Because we all know that built-in bras in summer dresses are useless to our girls, and only the most uncomfortable bras can give us the support we need.

5. Even wearing the most causal summer outfits end up looking inappropriate.

Trying on crop tops (even in your size) look like you have nothing on, and there are no ways to make even a basic tanktop look less risqué.

Oh, and don't even get me started on button down shirts.

6. Having a battle between wanting to go for a run in the beautiful weather or drawing everyone's attention.

Carrying around two heavy masses on your chest isn't as easy as it looks! The number one rule for exercising requires two sports bras (unless you want to be in severe pain the whole time), and no matter how supportive they claim to be, it's never enough.

7. Accepting death as an option when on vacations.

We can't wear a life jacket on a jet ski or boat because like everything else, our breast size is not considered in the matter. It's either too tight so it's impossible to breathe or just simply not worth putting on at all. So, we have a higher chance of drowning or choking ourselves with our pushed-up cleavage.

8. But the real struggle of the summer is (attempting) to buy bathing suits.

9. When most stores don't carry sizes above a D-cup.

And the only places that do have them could potentially break your bank account, and they break easily so it doesn't even make the expensive purchase worth it.

10. So buying a bikini top and bottom of the same size in a set is utterly impossible.

Sorry mom, it's not my fault God made me this way so that I need to buy separate sets of a medium bottom, and a extra-large top. This is probably the most irritating things a girl with big boobs has to deal with.

11. Almost having to dig to China in order to lay in the sand stomach-down.

Or it just creates boob divots, ones you'd prefer others to not see. But whatever, life goes on.

12. Why don't you just lay on your back then?


13. And in one way or another, beach days include flashing everyone.

Attention all fathers, mothers, children, and sea creatures, they're here! So I apologize in advance for exposing the twins when when getting knocked over by a wave or adjusting my top a million times.

But, no matter how big they are, and how much you all struggle like I do, just know that you all are still as beautiful! So rock the big boob struggles (yes, even the boob sweat), enjoy the summer, and enjoy your girls because they love you!

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