13 Struggles Of A Creative Writing Major
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13 Struggles Of A Creative Writing Major

To add insult to injury, your parents wanted you to be a doctor.

13 Struggles Of A Creative Writing Major
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Every college major has its struggles. Though some of those struggles may be common: lack of sleep, continuous anxiety, creating memories that are horrible at the moment but upon reflection are hilarious, and finding amazing friends (and some mortal enemies); there is a bit of difference for creative writing majors. If you were ever wondering what we hear and experience on an almost day to day business wonder no more!

1. "So are you gonna like... write?"

No, I was thinking more of just staying in my magical apartment after graduation and watch Netflix all day as my life withers away and I watch the written word become obsolete.

2. "Oh man, looks like you didn't want to have a real major!"

You're so right because all of the books I've had to cram into my brain about technique and the evolution of word weren't real, and neither is all of my stress.

3. When you sit in your workshops and listen to everyone else's stories and question you're entire life.

Because the only thing better than having class twice a week, is internalizing all of your faults every day of the week.

4. When you become best friends with almost everyone in your poetry class but at the same time, there's a piece of you that wants to outshine them.

What can you say, competition is in your blood -- it doesn't mean you don't love your friends and you're not proud of their sonnets.

5. You stare at the stack of anthologies on your desk every day.

Why God, why?

6. Often times, you try to convince yourself that instead of reading Jane Austen you can just watch the BBC adaptations.


7. "What's on your hands?"

It's ink, this is the blood I bleed.

8. "Oh my gosh, you write? Can I hear something?"

Maybe, except I feel like you wouldn't understand the hours of stress behind the words on this paper, and because of that, sharing this one paragraph with you is giving me anxiety.

9. "I have a four-page paper due tomorrow and I haven't started, I'm gonna, like, die."

This is usually said by other majors, and you wince because you've written short stories that are eight pages in 4 hours that were due two weeks ago.

10. "Can you help me understand Shakespeare?!"

No one understands Shakespeare. But you help anyway because his sonnets are pretty beautiful, and his identity a mystery.

11. "What do you even want to be when you grow up?"

Happy. I just want to be happy.

12. "You look so tired, why were you even up all night? It's not like you had to study, right?"

Just because I'm an English Major, it doesn't mean that I know everything already, come on, be better.

13. "I wish my major was as easy as your's."

There is no such thing as an "easy" major. This is a myth.

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