13 Statements You'll Probably Relate To If You're A 75-Year-Old Woman Trapped In A 21-Year-Old's Body

13 Statements You'll Probably Relate To If You're A 75-Year-Old Woman Trapped In A 21-Year-Old's Body

Because the grandma life is better than any other.


Staying in on Friday nights in your pajamas and slippers while watching movies with friends is so much better than going out to a club until 2 am. Most college students would disagree with me, but I am a grandma college student. If you are also a 75-year-old trapped in a college kid's body, you'll probably relate to these few things:

You are usually asleep by 11 PM. 

And you wake up before 8 most mornings.

You're ready to leave most parties after about 20 minutes. 

People are too sweaty, the music is too loud, and you don't have your personal bubble.

You'll only drink expensive wine. 

None of that Natty Lite BS.

You don't understand what the new fashion trends are. 

Wtf is a VSCO girl anyways?

You'd rather go to a wine cellar than a club. 

Because you know it won't be loud.

You usually have to ask people younger than you (or people your same age) what a new slang term means. 

It's usually people who are my age or older.

You have no time for stupid people. 

This doesn't make me old though, it makes me smart.

You could care less about what a TikTok is. 

I actually had my 60 year old Psychology professor explain to me what this was...

Your purse is filled with anything and everything. 

Snacks, extra shoes, and stamps probably clutter the bottom of this black hole.

You always have a spare tissue and a mint. 

You never know when a friend is going to need one.

You don't mind waking up early. 

Because once you're up, you're up.

 You always give people snacks before they leave you or your apartment. 

Because they might get hungry walking the 10 feet back to their own opinion.

You keep your friends and family close to your heart. 

Because that's how you were raised back in the day.

Everyone also loves their grandmas! So, maybe it's a good thing to be one as a college kid!

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