Girls love the "bad boy." It's almost tradition. He's exciting, says all the right things, and hits you with the feels. You would think that these signs would be the standard sign to run for the hills. However, instead, they have somehow become attractive traits to women. They want the challenge, they want the guy who will change for them. They want to be worthy, they want to be enough...

Girls will literally hold on and ignore these red flags. Why? Well:

Girls don't want to wonder "what if." They don't want to take a chance on ending something and not knowing if they could've been the girl to change him.

Ladies, let go of that fear. I promise you, if it was really meant to work out, you wouldn't be put in this position. You wouldn't be going crazy with the "what ifs," you wouldn't be questioning your self-worth, you wouldn't be competing for his attention, you wouldn't be on edge all the time...

If you don't want to listen to me, then listen to Michelle Obama- the epitome of a woman who knows her worth.

Stop trying to take on the player. If the guy you're talking to is showing these signs, even if they're low key at this point..


Run as fast as you can if this guy is :

1. Still wrapped up in his ex.

If he is still talking to, or has a weird ongoing pattern of going back to his ex, time to run far, far away! He will always choose what's familiar and comfortable to him, no matter how much he tries to convince you that you're the girl who changed things for him. If that ex is still in his head, don't even try to get in the middle of that.

2. Makes you compete for him.

3. Leaving you in the dark questioning where he stands

If he doesn't stand with you, for you, and stand by your relationship every day... stay away, girl.

4. Isolating you from your friends.

5. The cheating type.

Don't take on the mentality, "well it's in the past, he didn't do it to me." And please, please don't fool yourself into thinking you're the one who changed things for him.

6. Making you feel like he's hiding you.

7. Ignoring you.

Don't get crazy, but if you normally talk all day, then he goes an entire day and night without talking to you, don't be naive about it. And don't wait by your phone! Do your own thing, conquer your own day. Be consumed in your agenda, not his. But if he pulls away from you and starts to ignore you, realize the signs and focus on yourself not why he's ignoring you.

8. Making you feel insecure.

If he makes you feel like you're not good enough for him, or that he's talking to other girls, or that you have to basically kill yourself to stay on his mind, stay away from him.

9. Making you feel like you have to change for him.

DO NOT CHANGE FOR HIM. Don't change your hair, don't change your nails, your clothes, your personality. Don't. No man is worth losing yourself for.

10. Manipulating you.

He says all the things that make you swoon, and he knows how to play on your emotions. Don't let him. He'll turn everything around on you, don't let him. He'll make you feel like you're the one in the wrong defending his own guilt- don't let him. Don't let him twist the truth on you. Don't let him control you.

12. You can't trust him.

If you have to wonder if he's talking to other girls, or being shady in general, walk away. You can't be with someone you don't trust. Plain and simple.

13. Giving you ridiculous excuses.

Chances are, he didn't fall asleep at 5pm last night. Now I am absolutely not encouraging you to be skeptical and crazy. I am warning you to trust your intuition. If he ignores you and comes back with a lame excuse, don't let him manipulate you. You know what's right. Trust your gut feeling.