13 Signs You're A College Senior, As Told By Jim Halpert
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Student Life

13 Signs You're A College Senior, As Told By Jim Halpert

"Everything I have, I owe to this job. This stupid, wonderful, boring, amazing job."

13 Signs You're A College Senior, As Told By Jim Halpert

I never used to like "The Office." I once thought it was a dumb show, actually. Then I binge-watched it on Netflix, and finally began to see the joy. And then I started thinking... the faces of Jim Halpert perfectly sum up senior year. Here are some signs you might be a senior in college:

1. You start off your year already filled with Senioritis.

Usually you start off the school year with a bang... but this year, why bother? You're a Senior now! Start off your year right - do no work. I'm not sure anyone has ever seen Jim do work, and the same probably goes for you at this point. What can the college do to you now, anyway - you're so close, does it even matter if you write that 10 page research paper? Eh.

2. Every day has become a day to party.

Since you're not doing homework, you have to do something, right? And since it's Senior year... might as well have some fun.

3. You'll do anything to avoid doing work.

Jim is the master of pranks. It's honestly the best part of the show. He'll do just about anything to avoid real work... like put Dwight's stuff in jello. Or put Dwight's stuff in the vending machine. Or dress up as Dwight to mock him. Or learn morse code to freak Dwight out. You know. Normal stuff. You're similar - maybe you're not pranking someone, but I know you have a list in your head of all the things you can do instead of your homework.

4. Your new philosophy: classes are for schmucks.

Do you really need to wake up early on a Monday for a boring 8 A.M. class? When you're a senior... nope. You don't. You need your beauty rest. Catch up later. Or never. Whatever.

5. When class gets canceled, you're super excited (mainly because you weren't going to go anyway, so now you don't need to use an absence!).

Look at Jim's face -- that's what yours looks like when you roll over in bed, check your email, and discover class is cancelled. Be honest. You weren't going to go anyway. But now you have a freebie day off!

6. When one class gets cancelled, you justify skipping all classes that day.

By now, you know how this works. If you go to any classes, you'll be more bored out of your mind than usual. Since one good thing happened today, why not make it two or three good things? Who needs class anyway?

7. Paying attention to anything is basically impossible these days (especially in class...).

I thought I was getting bored in class as a Freshman... but I didn't understand then the pull of Senioritis. High school Senioritis hardly counts in comparison. Just as Jim, every once in awhile, dies of boredom at work, you, too, feel like dying in class. Sit still long enough, and you react pretty much like Jim here (at least on the inside).

8. You're so tired of college food that all you want is something that doesn't hurt your insides.

Why do colleges think that every day, for every meal, all we want is fried food? By the time you're a Senior, your intestines are hurting. Go eat a salad or something. At least you're almost out of this dump.

9. Breaks have become actual breaks, because you don't care anymore.

That's the beauty of being a Senior -- breaks are pretty awesome. Relax, have fun, chill out (like you don't do that at school...).

10. But as graduation gets closer, you start getting more anxious about... well, everything.

Classes become a stress again, because you remember that you do actually have to pass to graduate -- shocker. You have to think about Grad schools, jobs, living as an adult, moving out, being away from your friends... did I miss anything? I'd say you're a little stressed.

11. And you're getting emotional, because soon you'll have to say goodbye to your best friends.

You're months/weeks/days away from leaving your college, going out into the real world, and having to be an adult. You won't be living next door or down the hall from your best friends, eating every meal together, watching horrifically stupid movies on Netflix with them, and hanging out any day of the week anymore. Goodbyes are never easy. Jim gets it.

12. But until then, you're going to have the best time of your life.

College is the best time of your life. We're seniors now - it's almost the end of the line. So we have to enjoy every single minute we have left, doing what we love with the people we love.

13. And you're not going to have a single regret.

As a senior myself, watching the ending of anything makes me cry a little as I think about all the goodbyes I'll have to say pretty soon. This video kills me in particular, comparing Jim in the beginning to Jim in the end -- it's like, think of freshman you and senior you, side by side. Isn't this it? Doesn't this just sum you up? You never knew what would happen in these past four years. All the friends you'd make, the memories you'd create, the way you'd change and grow. On day 1, did any of us really know we'd end up here? Trying to shove all our brand new junk into our halves of our tiny dorm rooms, did we even have a clue?

Now, here we are. Graduation feels like a breath away already. And you probably have Senioritis hardcore at this point, and you're most likely tired of the food and the lumpy beds and the mounds of homework that never seem to grow smaller, no matter how many hours you lock yourself away in the library, but in a few months it'll all be over. And let's face it -- we'll miss it.

So live it up while you can, Seniors. Make these last few months count. You'll never get them back.

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