"Riverdale" is filled with an all-star cast that is packed to the brim with talent. The first season of the show always had me at the edge of my seat, and I stayed up all night watching the episodes. That being said, I was beyond excited when it got renewed for a second season.

After watching the season finale, I felt that this season of "Riverdale" fell a bit short of my expectations. However, it was still filled with those same unforeseeable moments that the first season had, and there sure were a lot of them. Below are the moments from the second season that I never saw coming.

Beware! There are spoilers ahead.

1. The death of Ms. Grundy.

Shocking? Yes. Sad? Hell no. Bye!

2. When Bughead broke up.

HEARTBREAKING. Thank God this didn't last long and they got back together after a few episodes. Jughead and Betty are soulmates.

3. Chic lying about who he was.

Let’s be honest, we all knew something was up with Chic, and I'm relieved he isn't actually a Cooper. Because we don't know exactly what happened to Chic, I think he’ll be back to cause more trouble in the future.

4. Cheryl and Toni’s new relationship.

Cheryl has had such a destructive and upsetting past, and I’m so happy she finally found someone.

5. The 'Carrie the Musical' episode.

I literally live for musical episodes. I was pretty surprised that "Riverdale" decided to do one, but I was so pumped for it! Who knew all of the cast members could act, dance, AND sing?

6. Alice and FP had a son together.

Finding out that Alice used to be a serpent was one thing, but her baby’s dad being FP? Didn’t see that one coming.

7. Veronica FINALLY realizing her dad is equivalent to the devil.

THIS CALLS FOR A CELEBRATION. The man is straight from hell. It took a whole season, but Veronica finally became aware of how toxic he is. I can only hope that her mother sees this in the future as well.

8. Archie choosing to support his dad over Hiram Lodge.

Why did he choose Hiram over his own father FOR AN ENTIRE SEASON? We don’t know. Archie does a lot of stupid things. I’m just glad, and shocked, that he finally realized family is more important than anything else.

9. Veronica taking things into her own hands when Archie was in trouble.

After Nick St. Clair threatened to kill Archie, Veronica roofied him, which is exactly what he does to other girls. On top of that, she held him for a ransom of one million dollars. It was nice to see Veronica didn't need her parents to save the day, and she was a total badass.

10. Cheryl escaping her psychotic family once and for all.

Cheryl wasn’t my favorite person in the first season. Actually, I thought she was pretty psycho herself. But after seeing how awful her family operates, I’m glad she’s all alone with sweet Nana Rose.

11. Betty’s dad being revealed as the Black Hood.

I sort of had an inkling about this, but when it was confirmed, I was so shook. Betty goes through way too much crap, and she truly didn’t deserve this. Here’s hoping Hal rots in jail!

12. Jughead surviving being beaten to death.

This was a real shock, considering he wasn’t breathing when they found him. Also, Jughead recovered in a matter of days without any major injuries. Very interesting. I'm just happy he's okay and Bughead can live on!

13. The “Cooper Darkness” lives on in Polly.

After Betty decided her darkness is no longer going to be a part of her life, I feel like Polly may be the Cooper that carries the family "darkness." Did anyone else catch that side eye when she was talking to Alice in the season finale? She will definitely be up to something bad in the future.

Here's hoping for another season of Riverdale full of shocking moments, cute boys, and episodes that keep me on the edge of my seat.