13 Reasons Why Growing Up Is Hard
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Student Life

13 Reasons Why Growing Up Is Hard

Even though being in college is cool, sometimes you just want to be a kid again.

13 Reasons Why Growing Up Is Hard
Jill Cartello

Having started college this fall, I have learned to take on a lot of responsibilities all at once. Being self-sufficient and independent has its perks, but it also really does stink sometimes. Here are a few reasons why I wish this week I was a kid again.

1. Laundry: Laundry is the devil. It sneaks up on you when you aren't looking, and boom, you have hours of work to do.

2. Feeding myself: When you are a kid, you do not have to worry about where your next meal is coming from, but in college (and if you are anything like me), you sometimes completely forget to eat, or you need to start forgetting a few meals (because gaining weight in college is real, people).

3. Having money to spend on said food: Groceries are expensive. I am beyond sure my mother is sick and tired of hearing me complain about groceries, but it is true - groceries are expensive, and you just have to bite the bullet and buy them.

4. Having to take exams, having too many projects, all while juggling life: This is my next two weeks, end of the semester, what's up?

5. Having no one tell me everything is going to be fine: Do not think your mother will be there to give you a hug during that fifth breakdown this week... You better be ready to pick yourself up, instead.

6. Responsibilities pile up: Like number four, I am having an extremely difficult few weeks ahead of me, just like everyone else on campus. Life is happening, responsibilities are countless, and you have to just buck up and take charge.

7. I can't use, "My mom said no," as an excuse anymore. Yeah, you can't use this for anything anymore. You make your own decisions and have no one to blame for them. Deal with it.

8. Cleaning is a necessity for life. Literally, you will live by this rule and then realize you are old. It is shocking and sad.

9. Remembering to buy that one thing you are out of. Because who doesn't make 2993735 trips to Walmart and still forgets to buy shampoo, am I right?

10. Having no one to remind you of what you need to do or about something you may be forgetting. This goes away so quickly at school. You have to become completely reliant upon your brain (which doesn't always remember every detail). Buy a planner, sticky notes, and use the calendar in your phone. You will need it.

11. Cleaning... Again.

12. Successfully manage your time. This is a hard one for a lot of students, especially with exams, projects, and finals all pushed together within these last two weeks of the semester. Crunch time is now until your final exam, so you have to be prepared to have your days scheduled down to the minute.

13. Remembering to be a human being. Though being an adult is cool and terrifying, remember that you can take a breath. Everything is going to be okay.

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