13 Reasons Why Alex Karev Should Not Face Shonda's Wrath
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13 Reasons Why Alex Karev Should Not Face Shonda's Wrath

We know what she's capable of....

13 Reasons Why Alex Karev Should Not Face Shonda's Wrath
Melty TV

Season 13 of Grey's Anatomy premiered last Thursday and I'm already an emotional mess. While there were a few subplots (Japril's baby/The Meredith, Maggie and Riggs love triangle) at hand in the premiere episode, the main focus was the fate of Alex Karev's actions from the season 12 finale. (SPOILER: Alex pummeled De Luca's face after seeing him on top of Jo in her underwear..even though De Luca was trying to help a drunk Jo get to her bed). I was so hurt to see my now beloved Alex fall back into old habits after seasons of character development, especially after last season where he was Meredith's rock through everything. Here's a list of why Alex Karev should be left alone

1. Alex has come such a long way

Remember his first day at Seattle Grace Hospital, 11 years ago...He was such a tough guy.

2. Clearly, Bailey knocked a bunch of sense into him back in his wild days

FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT.... Alex's attitude and stubbornness may have got him into a few altercations every once in a while...

3. Remember when he used to hook up with someone different in the hospital

April Kepner, Is that you? Alex constantly was hooking up with nurses, interns, some of his fellow peers... (Izzie Stevens, Lexie Grey...etc) and patients (*cough cough* Crazy Rebecca)

4. But as the seasons went on Alex really started to figure some things out...

5. He proved that he was the best in Peds with Arizona

Alex was always soo good with the little "tiny humans." Remember when he took his shirt off to help a little baby girl to help her breathe better from skin to skin contact. Or when he saved Demi Lovato (played Haley) when everyone thought she was crazy and seeing things...

6. His ability to say important things "straight up"

We know Alex really understands that this is possible because he had to survive from a very young age. His dad was a drug addict and his mother was schizophrenic so he had to take care of his siblings. Also, he lived in 17 different foster homes but he found a way to become a surgeon.

7. His sweet pep talks

**Note to self**

8. The way he looked at Izzie

Alex loved Izzie so much... remember when he carried her away from Denny's bed after he (Denny) died? He loved Izzie even when she was diagnosed with cancer and their wedding day was one of the most beautiful things ever.

9. How he was able to open his heart back up to Jo

Jo was the first major relationship Alex was in after Izzy passed away and their love seemed so real and like they were meant to be (*Then Shonda had to do Shonda things*)

10. Peds Love

The Dream Team... Arizona believed in Karev more than anybody and working with her really changed his character because working with kids revealed a soft side that most of us didn't think Alex had... #THANKYOUARIZONA

11. Great Friend


Alex and Meredith have survived through every shooting, every plane crash, every fire, every natural disaster, EVERYTHING that Shonda could throw their way. They've grown up together and learned from each other and they've always been there for each other. #pleasedonttakethisawayshonda

13. *Me coming for Shonda if Alex doesn't get the happy ending he deserves*

Meanwhile in Shondaland....

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