13 Questions You Have For The University Of Alabama, Answered

13 Questions You Have For The University Of Alabama, Answered

You already know what I'm going to say.... ROLL TIDE.

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Home of the Yellow Hammer, Crimson Tide, and Nick Saban worshipers, the University of Alabama is a safe haven for its students.

In fact, despite the continuous construction, UA might just be one of the best looking college campuses you've ever seen (if not the best!). Now, here, we love that all of y'all hate us, but we understand it is just because you don't understand us. To help you learn to love us despite being jealous, here are a few answers for you.

1. "Omg! This campus is huge. How big is it?"

Enrolled students: 38,483.

Campus size: 1,026 acres.

2. "How do you even get across campus?"

Well, you walk. You can take a bus (Crimson Rides), call a 348 if times are right, bike, skateboard, ride your Razor scooter... I've seen it all.

3. "Aren't Y'all just a college town? What do you do for fun?"

In Tuscaloosa, there are many things to do! Shopping, eating, attending concerts in the amphitheater, enjoying the outdoors, and much more! You just have to look in the right places.

4. "How did y'all get Nick Saban?"

UA is "where legends are made". Wouldn't you want to be a legend?

5. "How are Y'all so good at everything?"

See number 4.

6. "Forget all the statistic crap, how are the parties?"

With more than 30 fraternities and 10 bars near the campus itself, let's just say you are bound to find something that suits your fancy.

7. "Since Y'all are a football school, are the classes really even that hard?"

The difficulty of your classes will be determined by how much effort you put in and how often you attend class, usually.

8. "Have you ever seen Jalen Hurts on campus?!"

Personally, no. It is a rare sight to see any well-known football player on campus, but it can happen. Dream big, my friends. Who knows he may be sitting in the front row of a one of your lecture classes.

9. "A lot of classes exceed 150 people. With that being said, do your professors even care if you don't show up for class?"

Yes, they do care. However, they're not going hold your hand and have a talk with you about your absences if you aren't showing any effort at all.

10. "Aren't like ALL of y'all involved in Greek Life?"

Actually, only around 35% of UA students are involved in Greek Life. It is really easy to educate yourself on it though. Have fun!

11. "Tell the truth, which is better: Upper bowl or Lower bowl?"

In my opinion, lower bowl. I've heard some say that upper bowl is better if you'd like to see every little thing that happens, but with the lower bowl, you will most likely see the big moments up close.

12. "How much do you drink on a daily basis?"

It really depends on the person. You have those who are drinking every second of every day and then you have those who don't drink at all. ~Drink responsibly~

13. "Is Bryant Dining Hall really that much better than Fresh Foods, Burke, or Lakeside dining halls?"

Yes. Yes, it is.

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