13 Of The Best Binge-Worthy TV Series On Netflix To Help You Avoid All Your Responsibilities

13 Of The Best Binge-Worthy TV Series On Netflix To Help You Avoid All Your Responsibilities

If you're looking for a show to avoid responsibilities, then here are some good options.


I binge-watched every single on of these shows on this list and I wouldn't recommend them if I didn't like them.

1. "Parenthood"

This show is so light-hearted and yet it has just enough drama. The only reason I started watching this show was because of a play I was in. I had to observe how the parents reacted and basically how everyone interacted together. I laughed, I got angry, but mostly I cried. These characters and this family really tugged on my heartstrings. So much so that I am taking a break before I watch it again.

2. "The Office" 

If you don't know what the office is, then you most likely live under a rock. It's one of those shows that you don't always have to pay attention to to be able to know what is going on, but the dry humor keeps you laughing. Fair warning though, you might have to really force yourself to keep watching through the first season. I know I had to.

3. "Parks and Recreation"

This is yet another show that I absolutely loved and have seen multiple times. It also has a dry humor that sometimes you don't catch until later. I related to each character in a different way, but mostly to Leslie Knope. The first episode will probably always be my favorite (watch to find out why).

4. "Grey's Anatomy"

I'm not one to watch medical shows, but "Grey's" really pulled me in. Sometimes I would look up and it was already 4 in the morning and I had been watching since 4 in the afternoon. Only thing I don't care for is how Shonda Rhimes basically kills off all of my favorite characters.

5. "Gossip Girl"

This series was so good and dramatic that I watch it over and over and still am surprised by some of the things that happen. I have heard good things about the novels so for you bookworms out there that need some spice in their life, here you go.

6. "New Girl"

Jess is one of those characters that you can really relate to and the humor in this show is so genuine. You're always rooting for her and her roommate to finally get together and work out, but it just never seems like it's going to happen.

7. "Friends"

Friends is another series that you don't really have to pay attention to and you can keep up with what's going on. When I'm cleaning, I usually turn this show on just to have some background noise and it's something that I don't have to intensely watch to keep up with.

8. "Riverdale"

I love crime and mystery shows and Riverdale was one of those that I easily finished a season in 2 or 3 days. Also, this show is based on a comic which is amazing and rare! The series currently has two seasons but a third is on the way.

9. "The Carrie Diaries"

Even if you haven't watched nor plan to watch "Sex in the City," "The Carrie Diaries" is an adorable cliché about Carrie Bradshaw that keeps you wanting more.

10. "Glee"

You have been warned, if you do not like people breaking out into musical numbers, then this is not the show for you. Coming from a theatre background, I always appreciated the extravagance of this show. The only change I would have made is to make a better ending. Overall, I loved this series and the characters themselves.

11. "Hart of Dixie"

Cute, funny, and very southern. I was skeptical of this show at first but soon fell in love. It contains light-hearted humor, romance, and drama all in one show. The characters each bring something different to the table and have the audience rooting for them.

12. "The Client List"

This show is a little more PG-13 but oh so good; I never wanted it to end! It is sexy and dramatic and keeps you on your toes wondering, will they ever get caught? It is a short series but if you're into drama then I highly recommend this one.

13. "Scandal" 

Last but certainly not least, "Scandal." I am currently watching this show and I must say, it has easily become an obsession. If I miss something I always go back because I don't want to miss a single bit of drama.

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The 10 Stages Of A 2:30 P.M. Kickoff, As Told By Alabama Students

But we still say Roll MF Tide!


We all have a love-hate relationship with a 2:30 p.m. kickoff at Bryant Denny Stadium, especially when it's 94 degrees.

1. Immediate sadness


What do you mean I have to wake up at 9 a.m. to get ready?

2. Bracing yourself for the worst


It's a marathon not a sprint ladies and gentleman.

3. Accepting the game is going to happen


Rain or shine we are all in that student section screaming our heads off.

4. Trying to wear the least amount clothes possible without being naked on the Quad


Is it me or does it get 10 times more hot the minute you walk on to the quad?

5. Shedding a tear when you walk out your front door once you feel the heat and humidity on your skin


Is it fall yet?

6. Drowning your sorrows inside a Red Solo cup at 11:30 a.m. at a fraternity tailgate


Maybe I'll forget about the humidity if I start frat hopping now.

7. Getting in line to go through security realizing it'll take an hour to actually get inside Bryant Denny


More security is great and all but remember the heat index in Alabama? Yeah, it's not easy being smushed like sardines before even getting into Bryant Denny.

8. Feeling the sweat roll down every part of your body


Oh yeah I am working on my tan and all but what is the point of showering before kick off?

9. Attempting to cheer on the Tide, but being whacked in the head with a shaker by the girl behind you. 


Shakers are tradition, but do we have to spin it around in a full 360 every two seconds? I have a migraine from just thinking about it.

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I'll watch the rest in air conditioning thank you very much!

We may not love the 2:30 kickoffs but Roll Tide!

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If Every Character From ‘The Office’ Was A College Gen Ed Course

"The Office" makes everything better, even gen ed classes.


The Office is notorious for being the GREATEST show to ever grace our T.Vs and now our computers, because, Netflix.

If you're anything like me, than you've rewatched The Office more times than you can count. Actually you're just restarting it again this week. There is one thing that goes better together than Michael and Chili's and that is The Office and college.

Us college students love The Office, we watch it instead of going to class and even have parties that are office themed, just to show our love. Something else that is so college, are gen ed courses. Everyone has to take them and everyone hates them because they literally have no real purpose, but we all have to take them.

So why not pair them with The Office characters, make them a little less awful and a little more like Dwight.

1. Michael Scott — Public Speaking 

This one is obvious. Michael's speeches are known and he totally gets what its like to go up and speak to everyone.

2. Andy Bernard — Intro to Jazz 

Andy is known for his signing and dancing and he was in an actual a-cappella group.

3. Jim Halpert — Sociology 

Every prank that he played on Dwight was really just a test. To see how Dwight actually reacted to other humans.

4. Pam Beesley — Art 

Pam went to art school for a summer and even painted the mural.

5. Angela Martin — College Algebra 

College alegrba is seriously so boring and is the class version of Angela

6. Kevin Malone — University Success 


This is the class that is totally pointless but you have to it, kind of like Kevin. He is totally pointless at work but he has to be kept around because he's kevin.

7. Stanley Hudson — English 

Stanley does crossword puzzles all day so he's literally a walking english class

8. Toby Flanderson — Psychology 

Toby is all about everyone's feelings and making sure that they are okay. He is super touchy feely too

9. Oscar Martinez — Economics 

Oscar is really the money guy

10. Kelly Kapor — Government 

Kelly is like really smart guys, so she can do anything

11. Meredith Palmer — Greek mythology

Meredith was literally living like an ancient greek, not giving a care in the world.

12. Phyllis Vance — Anatomy 

She knows all about anatomy...if you know what I'm talking about

13. Creed Bratton — World Religions 

He's been part of cults as a leader and a follwer

14. Dwight Schrute — Science 

Dwight really gives off the mad scientist vibes. Plus he knows how to grow the perfect beet

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