Your senior year... yes it will sneak up on you before you know it. While you're trying to accept that you're leaving this magical place you've called home for the past four years, there are some important points you must remember to end senior year with a bang. While we all know very well you're going to want to hit up your favorite bars as much as possible before you leave, there are some more "adult-like" tips that could you could use to your advantage.

1. Headshots

Most school offer free headshot opportunities a few times a year, which you can use on your LinkedIn profile, personal portfolio, etc. I know it's awkward to get all dressed up and be photographed by a total stranger... but it's free, and as a college student, that is not something you should be passing up. I promise you will thank yourself for it once you look around on LinkedIn and see all of the awkward obvious iPhone selfies and countless composite photos. Yeah you know who you are. Stand out from the rest with your very own headshot, and look oh so very adult.

2. Job fairs

I know, I know, also awkward, but definitely something that would be a great networking experience. The College of Business allows you to print off free business cards. Again, take advantage of the word "free," as this is music to our college ears. Come ready with a sharp outfit, stack of resumes and a firm handshake, and you're golden. Also, make it a point to look online to see what companies will be in attendance, and do your research. There's nothing an employer loves more than someone who took the time to research the company beforehand while getting yourself some extra brownie points right off the bat.

3. Keep in touch with professors.

Professors are a prime source for job references, because not only have they seen you grow as a student, but they also have an inside look at your work ethic. When I say keep in touch, I mean don't message your teacher from your enormous lecture class freshman year that you haven't spoken to in years. Chances are, unless you made a really lasting impression on them, they have no idea who you are. My advice to you, once you get in your smaller, more major-specific classes, make it a point to keep in touch with your teachers. I'm sure they would be happy to hear from you. One of my teachers told us about a student that had graduated 10 years prior who still emails them periodically. Not saying you have to go that far, but make a lasting impression, and be your best self in class.

4. Get involved.

It's never too late to join an RSO, and if you have the time, why not? It shows employers that you not only have time management skills, but also that you went above and beyond the expectations of the average student. Try to join an organization that will give you valuable skills, not only for your future workplace but for your "adult life" in general.

5. Treasure the little moments.

All "adulting" type things aside, remember to enjoy yourself. Whether that be walking around Uptown Normal looking at all the little shops, spending time with some friends you haven't seen in a while or sitting on the quad reading your favorite book. This is the last year you're going to spend here as a collegiate (unless you go for a victory lap) so make some time for yourself once and a while.