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12 Wacky Holidays You Haven't Heard Of

More holidays, more fun!

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Growing up, my elementary and middle school always celebrated Poem in Your Pocket Day, where students who carried a favorite poem around on a specific day of the year and recited said poem to teachers when asked would win a raffle ticket to redeem candy at the end of the day. In high school, Pi Day (on 3/14) called for an annual after-school event featuring teachers partaking in a pie-eating contest. Nowadays, social media posts for National Sibling Day and National Friendship Day are popular. There are so many random, sometimes-wacky or fun holidays no one's even heard of. What if we actually celebrated some of these?

1. Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day - last Monday of January

Popping bubble wrap is definitely an interest of mine that I take pride in, though I imagine teachers may not appreciate having their lessons interrupted by constant "POP!"s. Still, this could be a pretty fun (albeit, loud) day.

2. National Tortilla Chip Day - February 24th

I wouldn't mind if restaurants gave out free tortilla chips once a year!

3. Popcorn Lovers Day - second Thursday of March

Movie theaters could have discounts on popcorn on this day (even though we all know that the price difference between a medium and a large is already only $1).

4. Barbershop Quartet Day - April 11th

How fun would it be to randomly come across barbershop quartets in school and while commuting? Free music!

5. Love a Tree Day - May 16th

While communities could have local programs for families to plant a tree, others could simply show their love for nature in other ways like giving a tree a gentle pat or hug.

6. International Picnic Day - June 18th

What better way to say goodbye to Spring and hello to Summer than by enjoying the nice weather with a picnic outdoors?

7. Chocolate Day - July 7th

As a chocolate lover (read: human being), I believe this is self-explanatory. A day other than Valentine's Day when it's socially acceptable to pig out on chocolate? YES. (But also forget what society tells you is acceptable and you do you -- eat that chocolate all day, any day!) Still, though: chocolate day. Mmmm.

8. National Dog Day - August 26th

Though this is really every day of the year, who doesn't want another excuse to post a pic with their adorable pup? Animal shelters could have events to promote available rescues and increase adoptions!

9. Fortune Cookies Day - September 13th

I can already foresee tons of hilarious fortunes people might get themselves or see online on friends' timelines. (Especially on the years when the 13th lands on a Friday...)

10. Take Your Teddy Bear to Work Day - second Wednesday of October

You're never too old to bring your favorite stuffed animal around with you for a day! (Plus they make excellent pillows for lecture!)

11. Stay at Home Because You are Well Day - November 30th

I'm sure no one would mind an extra day to recover from the festivities of and many pounds gained during Thanksgiving!

12. Bake Cookies Day - December 18th

Just in time for the actual holiday season, this day would fill homes with the smell of freshly baked cookies and happiness!

Happy holidays, all year round!

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