12 Truly Underrated Things About Being Single

12 Truly Underrated Things About Being Single

It's a lot better than it sounds.

Are you the only person in your friend group without a boyfriend/girlfriend? Does it ever make you feel sad, lonely, or left out?

Well, have no fear! There are plenty of reasons to embrace the single life, as listed below.

1. You don’t have to worry about your friends & family disliking your ~nonexistent~ S.O.

This one is a big one.

2. You’re always down for a girls’ night.

What’s better than chips and guac with pals?

3. Going out is always fun.

Because you can socialize with whoever you want (including that cutie from Stats class)

4. You give the best relationship advice.

Despite not being taken-- your friends appreciate your perspective as an outsider.

5. Don’t want to share your food with someone else?

No problem!

6. You don’t have to send ‘good morning’/’goodnight’ texts.

Sounds easy enough, but what if you forget? Could lead to some unnecessary overthinking for the other person.

7. None of your hoodies will go missing.

And you'll never be accused of ‘stealing’ one [or 10] from your bf/gf).

8. You can watch your shows without any complaints.

After all, who else would actually sit through 6+ hours of nonstop Friends?

9. Same goes for music.

You can always sing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs (without having to worry about someone breaking up with you because of your glass-shattering vocals).

10. A life free of boy drama is pretty great.

Sure, it can be boring at times, but let's be real, that sh*t is stressful.

11. You don't ever have to worry about someone breaking up with you!

Or vice versa.

12. You love being single, because you know your “time” will come.

So enjoy your time to yourself while you have it.

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