12 Times Parks And Rec Described How College Students Study For Midterms

12 Times Parks And Rec Described How College Students Study For Midterms

Or a series of Parks and Rec gifs I laughed at while procrastinating.


Let's be real: when it comes to midterms, no one's really looking forward to studying, and not everyone follows the same pattern. But thanks to Parks and Rec, we might be able to identify and find commonalities that may help us to succeed! (Well, not this time. Midterms have passed. But next time. Wishful thinking, right?)

1. College students acknowledge the midterm on the syllabus on the first day of class, but then promptly forget about it.

2. The closer and closer it gets to the midterm, the more we avoid studying for it.

3. But alas, the time has come, and we really must study. But we just can’t get into it, and again lapse into procrastination.

4. You try hiding your electronics in order to really “buckle down.”

5. After a while, you regret ever taking this class and wonder how much you really need a passing grade.

6. Or a college degree...

7. You begin to curse your professor for teaching you so much material.

8. You try coming up with silly acronyms and phrases to remember stuff, and some of them are more stupid than helpful.

9. You stay up past your bedtime in order to really secure those facts into your memory.

10. But then the next morning, you regret it.

11. Going into the midterm, you have a weird sense of calm rush over you. You’ve studied as much as you can, right? (Maybe?)

12. But all-in-all, you’re gonna be okay, because the hard part is over, and you have a couple more months until you have to repeat the process all over again!

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