12 Times 'One Tree Hill' Broke Us

Brooke. Peyton. Lucas. Nathan. Haley. Julian. Clay. Quinn. If you've watched this show you've probably fallen in love with every single one of their stories that drag us through an emotional rollercoaster. Here are just a few that sparked something in me both times I watched the series.

And for those who haven't seen the show, SPOILER ALERT!

1. Keith's speech to Jimmy Edwards:

The school shooting episode was the first for ANY show that I ever cried while watching. Keith just wanted to help.

2. Brooke taking a step outside during the school shooting:

A mom was asking where her daughter was and assumed Brooke would know because she was the class president, but Brooke doesn't and leaves the gym while completely breaking down. Again, this was the ONLY episode that made me cry.

3. Brooke and Lucas at Naley's Wedding:

(I low-key shipped Brucas.)

4. When Ellie died:

I mean, I knew it was going to happen in which Ellie would not be able to listen to the album. BUT COME ON! Give Peyton a break!

5. Brooke and Peyton's fight during prom:

"‘Why do I care? Brooke, this has been one of the worst years of my life, and I needed my best friend now more than ever, but you, you cut me out of your life because I was honest with you, when you were never ever honest with me!”

6. Jamie during the time of Q's death:

Jamie just wanted to give Q his cape. Their friendship was so precious.

7. When Lucas wants Peyton, but Peyton wants the baby:

This whole episode hurt my heart because Peyton was willing to do anything to have the baby, and Lucas wanted Peyton around for as long as possible since he just got her back.

8. When Sam says, "I need you mom":

Am I the only one who was hoping she wouldn't leave the show?

9. When we find out the story behind Sarah:

I did not see that coming at all. They were goals, but it's okay because Clay and Quinn are also goals.

10. The Storm

Okay, way too much happened in this episode, and it stressed me out. "Sarah" shows up to have a one-on-one with Quinn, and ironically Quinn hates storms. Brooke tries to save Chuck, Jamie, and Lauren. A car doesn't stop on the bridge, causing Julian to have to save basically everyone. On top of all that, Nathan and Haley get a flat and no one's phones work. Basically, Brooke is invincible and Quinn is a badass.

11. The cold front Julian experiences after he leaves Davis in the car:

He was so guilt-ridden on his own, all I wanted was for Brooke to forgive him.

12. When Clay remembers that Logan is his son:

How did they find a kid that adorable? Added bonus: when he asks Quinn, "Mom, you coming?"

Even though this show is long over, it's continuously attracting fans. I love this show because its whole theme is loving yourself and surrounding yourself with family, not necessarily blood-related. If you've read this article without seeing the show, you need to watch it ASAP!

(One last thing: if Netflix takes this show down OTH fans WILL riot.)

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