12 Thoughts Teachers Have During STAAR Test's
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Student Life

12 Thoughts Teachers Have During STAAR Test's

Must. Actively. Monitor. All. Students.

12 Thoughts Teachers Have During STAAR Test's

The months of April and May are both known as testing months for most Texas teachers. This is when students all across the state are required to take a standardized test that will ask them to recall all that they have learned throughout the school year. No pressure, right? However, this test is not one that only comes as a minor menace and concern for students, but for teachers as well. Teachers not only have to train for the administering of this test but also have to concern themselves with the possibility of an irregularity...aka, a big no-no. So when a teacher sees STAAR test on the calendar, the following thoughts may come to mind:

1. If the calendar reads "Mandatory STAAR Training," you better believe I'll be taking a snack and mentally prepare myself for the next 1.5 hours.

2. "I have to beat everyone in line to get testing materials. Early bird system activate, now!"

Every teacher knows that STAAR test days are not the day sleep-in those extra five minutes-not at all! Instead, we not only prepare all we need for the big day the night before but for the overachievers we try to get in line to check-out our testing materials early enough to have everything set up before the students enter the classroom.

3. "You mean to tell me that I have to record how many times students take a mental and restroom break, all while actively monitoring students?"

With this being my first year teaching I came in with very little knowledge of what the STAAR testing procedures were. Back in my middle school years I remember watching my teachers read a book while we tested, yet nowadays we accumulate data for breaks.

4. "Alright, I can totally read the next four pages of information and procedures for students in under 10 minutes...right?"

Along with testing materials (booklets, scantrons, pencils, etc), one is also given a manual in which the test administrator is required to read, monitor, and assist students with in a little under ten minutes. Is it possible? Yes it is! By the end you'll be ready to go work at an auction for sure!

5. "Let's see who I have as my testing group...moment of panic...OK, so this may be the best time to give them a pep-talk on how we will not be the testing group that receives an irregularity for talking to our neighbors, causing distractions, and much less starting an argument with a classmate."

The moment you see that your assigned class is one that already gives you a bit of trouble on a regular day and now you have them for almost 8 hours...well its a moment that leads to a "Jesus take the wheel" prayer.

6. Morning: "To go or not to go to the gym after a testing day?
Afternoon: "According to my Fitbit I reached my step goal of the day, looks like I'll be skipping the gym today!"

With actively monitoring comes the many steps around one's classroom, which in return allows one to be able to take a day off of the gym and go grab a smoothie instead...or a much deserved ice cream cone.

7. "Must remind them to bubble in their answers!"

Students know that they are required to bubble in their answers on their answer document, yet with their focus being on finishing the test this may escape their minds. Which is why teachers are given the extra special task to remind them to bubble in their answers in order to avoid any faults.

8. "It's a superhero, no, it's an angel, no, it's a Hallway monitor!"

Hallway monitors and the relief team as a whole are truly angels these days. There is no greater joy than seeing one of these sweet souls walk into the testing room and softly whispering into your ear that it is time for your break and that they will take over the class for the next 30 minutes.

9. "I have walked 20 times around my room, I have counted the floor tiles, and have mentally designed my classroom for next year...now what else can I do while I monitor?"

Actively monitoring means that teachers are not allowed to read, sit for long periods of time, and ensure that all students are completing the test.With that being one's only tasks, teachers have managed to be innovative and create their very own ways of entertainment.

9. "I have 30 minutes to do almost anything I so desire!...Now what should I do?"

Thirty minutes of freedom are just amazing as can be, especially on a testing day! However, deciding just what to do with them is what I have the most trouble with because a nap, eating, or listening to music all sound like the best option.

10. "Only one student left!"

When there is only one student that is left to finish testing all other students direct their attention to that student and strongly hope that they do not take much longer to finish. This in turn means that teachers can begin organizing all test materials in their respective order and hope that all students remain quiet even after all tests are turned in.

11. "Phew! All test materials are no longer in my possession therefore I can now breathe with ease!"

The anxiety that comes about when holding on to testing materials is unparalleled to any other I had ever encountered prior to teaching. For if any exam or answer document were to go missing or become damaged it would result in ones school to be given an irregularity, which is never good!

Just as students dislike STAAR testing, or any kind of formal testing, so do teachers. The stress is just as high on both ends and the expectations for above average results are present as well. Nonetheless, we battle it out together and at the end of the day we both come out victorious!

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