12 Struggles Introverted College Students Know All Too Well

12 Struggles Introverted College Students Know All Too Well

It's quiet, but real.


As an introvert entering college, I’ve come across many situations that have conflicted with my tendency to keep to myself. College by nature is a social situation — we live in a habitat constantly filled with people our age. Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy being around people and my close friends, but I need my own space once in a while. Here are 12 struggles I’ve experienced as an introverted college student:

1. People are everywhere, all the time, 24/7.

You'll always find someone you know, even in the library at 3 a.m.

2. You come across as unfriendly at times.

I swear I'm not mean; I'm just lost in thought.

3. Isolated study spots aren't really a thing.

It's sometimes hard to focus and get down to business when you're with other people.

4. Having to gain participation points in class is painful.

I pay attention in class as much as the next person, but it's harder for me to voice my thoughts.

5. The shower is your place of solitude.

#Showerthoughts, except not really (since the bathrooms are public).

6. Eating alone is cathartic.

It's not really as big of a deal as people make it out to be, and it can be a nice mental break between classes.

7. Downtime after classes is a must.

Naps are a great opportunity to recharge after a long day of being around people.

8. You like to go out, but you need to spend the next day doing nothing.

Hanging with friends is fun, but it is draining.

9. But, sometimes Friday nights are better spent sitting in bed and watching Netflix.

Like, seriously.

10. Small talk during orientation seemed forced and uncomfortable.

Everyone knows the three questions: "What's your name?," "What's your major?," and "Where are you from?"

11. Group projects -- need I say more?

You either end up doing all the work or no work at all.

12. You feel like you need to act like an extrovert.

College is filled with social situations where you have to put on your game face and be outgoing.

But, the wonderful thing about college is that it is a new beginning -- college gives you a chance to reinvent yourself and to transition into adulthood. Embrace it!

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