12 Things You Need To Know About Living In Mansfield, Texas
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12 Things You Need To Know About Living In Mansfield, Texas

"You live where?"

12 Things You Need To Know About Living In Mansfield, Texas

After spending the past 14 plus years living in this fabulous town, I like to consider myself a native. Whether you've lived here your whole life or if you just moved in, here are a few need-to-knows about the great city of Mansfield.

1. The answer is always Whataburger.

After every event, game, function, or party it's never a question as to where the next stop will be. Whataburger is the place to be. It is the PERFECT place to go if you love over-crowded rooms full of wild teens, but don't worry, you'll only have to wait 20-45 minutes (on a good day) for your meal to be ready. Go Whata or go home.

2. Selena Gomez can technically be considered our claim to fame.

A controversial topic, due to the fact that Selena Gomez is from Grand Prairie. BUT she did attend Danny Jones, an MISD Middle School, so technically she could be considered Mansfield's claim to fame. We had the same choir teacher, so we're basically friends.

3. Mansfield High is the pharmacy.

Although I never associated with too many people who go to or went to Mansfield High School, I have heard it is the go-to place for any and all recreational drug needs. Granted, each MISD high school has some type of notorious label, this one goes back 10+ years. I respect the hustle Mansfield students. Go Tigers.

4. The only thing to do is eat.

If you're looking for some excitement or really anything that doesn't involve fast food dining, Mansfield isn't for you.

5. Don't mess with high school sports.

Every season regardless of the sport, there is ALWAYS an argument, usually on Twitter, about what school has the best athletics program. Although it can get quite heated, I think we can all agree that if MISD had just one high school, we would be unstoppable. Allen would have nothing on us.

6. We have an absurd number of urgent care centers.

Sick or injured? Not to worry! we have an Urgent Care on almost every corner. Literally.

7. Construction. Never. Stops.

They're basically re-doing the whole city of Mansfield so the construction is everywhere. Not only is it an inconvenience to everyone, it enables everyone's ability to drive like a decent human being.

8. There's a sh*t ton of old people.

Because there are so many retirement homes popping up around town, the number of elders who reside has increased dramatically. We love the elders.

9. Rose Park is for volleyball.

Rose Park volleyball courts are where all of the Olympic volleyball athletes go. The games are intense and the competition... is hit or miss.

10. "Mansfield" isn't really Mansfield.

Mansfield is a large combination of Mansfield, Arlington, and Grand Prairie. Our towns are on the outskirts of Dallas, and although we may have our differences we can all agree... Dallas is better than Houston.

11. The sketchy Mansfield house.

No matter where you live in Mansfield, you have most likely driven by the small house next to the train tracks on Broad Street by RLA stadium. You have also most likely noticed the identical lime green Challengers. What is their occupation? Why that color? Why the same car? So many questions for them.

12. We have a ton of high schools, all filled with star athletes.

Although all the MISD high schools have or had some kind of feud, the amount of talent that comes out of all the schools is extremely noticeable. We've had tons of teams go deep into the playoffs, teams in the state finals, and state champions. (Shout out to Timberview). MISD sports are winning.

Shout out to Mansfield.

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