12 Things To Celebrate In February Other Than Valentine's Day
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12 Things To Celebrate In February Other Than Valentine's Day

"Dude, he's from Indiana. They only celebrate Love Your Cousin Day."

12 Things To Celebrate In February Other Than Valentine's Day

February is a month of hearts, love, and valentines. Luckily, for any of you who aren't feeling the love, February is also a month filled with lots of lesser known national holidays worth celebrating.

1. February 4: National Thank a Mailman Day

Even though the mail room at your school took five days to process your package, give them a big thank you anyways because February 4 is National Thank a Mailman Day!

2. February 5: National Shower with a Friend Day

On February 5 we are all encouraged to shower with a buddy. If that's not really your style, celebrate the day by using #ShowerWithAFriendDay to educate others on the importance of water conservation.

3. February 7: National Periodic Table Day

If National Thank A Mailman Day somehow wasn't exciting enough for you, no worries because February 7 is sure to be a party!

4. February 9: National Pizza Day

If you need a national holiday to tell you to eat a whole pizza (or two) by yourself, then February 9 is the day for you. If you happen to eat a little too much, you're in luck because February 9 happens to be National Toothache Day too!

5. February 11: National Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day

It is still fine to cry over any other spilled beverage, but on February 11, crying over spilled milk is a big no-no. Instead, this national holiday encourages you to be positive and not to focus on the small things that may go wrong.

6. February 13: Galentine's Day

While it may not technically be a national holiday, it is 100 percent Leslie Knope approved. Use today to tell your best friends how much they mean to you.

7. February 14: National Organ Donor Day

If you can't give a heart-shaped Valentine, just give a heart!

8. February 15: National Singles Awareness Day

Congratulations, you have made it through Valentine's Day without a significant other and have earned yourself a day to celebrate.

9. February 18: National Drink Wine Day

For anyone who is still celebrating Singles Awareness Day.

10. February 20: National Love Your Pet Day

While we should show our furry friends lots of love everyday, February 20 is the perfect day to annoy your dog by following him around and giving him lots of hugs.

11. February 22: National Margarita Day

For those still celebrating Singles Awareness Day.

12. February 28: National Public Sleeping Day

If you feel the need to take a nap in public, February 28 is the day to do it! On this day it is perfectly acceptable to take a rest whenever, or wherever you are.

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