16 National Days You Didn't Know Existed
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16 National Days You Didn't Know Existed

Did you know there is a basically a day for everything?

16 National Days You Didn't Know Existed

Days are always fun if you live life to the fullest. Living to the fullest means celebrating every day, so why not celebrate these special days?

January 22 - National Polka Dot Day

This is a fun and funky day to have a cool outfit.

February 9 - National Pizza Day

Whether you like it plain, with pepperoni, with anchovies, or with pineapple, this is a great day to eat up!

March 10 - Middle Name Pride Day

Usually, we only hear our middle name when our moms are mad at us so appreciate it when you aren’t getting yelled at by your mom.

April 7 - National Beer Day

No matter what type you like, IPA, HOPS, Lager, or out of a funnel take the time to enjoy a cold one.

April 12 - Grilled Cheese Day

Best. Food. Ever. So simple, yet so powerful and delicious.

April 20 - I Think We All Know This


April 21st - National Surprise Drug Test Day.

Don't be shocked with your results.

May 14 - National Dance Like A Chicken Day

Who cares if you look silly? Pretend you are at a wedding and do the fun dance all day.

May 25 - National Wine Day

This is a day that everyone can appreciate if you are 21. Especially if you work with children, this might become your favorite day.

June 3 - National Repeat Day

Everyone grew up doing this to annoy their older siblings. Now, there is a reason to do it again as an adult.

July 21 - National Junk Food Day

You might want a beach body, but stay in and eat a tube of cookie dough. Scoop your cookie dough out with chips even and enjoy!

August 19 - National Chicken Nugget Day

Whether you get them from McDonald’s, Chick Fil A or make them at home in the shape of Dinos, today is every kid’s dream. Even if you are just a big kid who is actually considered an adult you can still enjoy this day.

September 19 - Talk Like A Pirate Day

Arrggghhhh maytee! Shiver yer timbers and talk like a pirate all day long.

October 5 - National Do Something Nice Day

Although you should always be nice, make sure you are extra nice this day. Hold a door open for someone, pay in forward, buy someone flowers, anything to be nice.

November 16 - National Fast Food Day

Go ahead, make the pit stop on the way home. Who cares about being healthy, it’s only one day.

December 9 - National Pastry Day

Have a great start to your day by enjoying a nice pastry for breakfast. A sugary, doughy, delight is perfect for this day!

If you did not know these days existed, you do now. Enjoy each of these 16 days and you get to sound cool when you tell everyone you know them. Have fun on these days and do what they are, and eat what they are!

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