12 Things That Say He Loves You
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12 Things That Say He Loves You

It's the little things that count.

12 Things That Say He Loves You

Relationships are tricky. Whether you have been in one for a shorter or a longer amount of time, it can still be hard to figure out what your significant other really means, what he truly feels. What lies beyond the phrase "I love you?"

If you are in a relationship, you want to know exactly how your significant other feels. Does he feel the same as you? Is he as committed as you are? How can you tell beyond that special little phrase?Sometimes, love lies behind the big picture. It's the little things that count; the smaller details that add up to an incredible whole.

Saying "I love you" isn't the only way he conveys how he feels. It goes beyond the date nights and the materialistic gifts. It lies in the small gestures, the little things. Here are 12 things that he may be doing that show you just how much he loves you.

1. He texts you at random.

If he sees a video of a cute puppy or if he is just thinking of you, random texts are a sign that you are constantly on his mind.

2. He listens.

Whether you are gossiping or complaining about your friends and acquaintances, he is right there by your side, trying to keep up and follow your rant. He wants you to let it all out, and he wants you to feel better.

3. He remembers.

If he checks in with you about something you said awhile back, or brings up past conversations, he cares. He remembers the small details about you because he wants to know as much as he can.

4. He smiles, a lot.

If he smiles, he is happy. You make him laugh, you make him happy. And, a smile is the simplest way he can show that.

5. He's always there.

No matter the time or circumstance, he wants to help you work through your problems. From a mechanic to a shoulder to cry on, he always wants to be there for you in your moments of need.

6. He makes you feel safe.

You never have to worry when he's around. He always makes you feel safe, secure, and most importantly, loved.

7. He knows all of your favorites.

He knows how you take your coffee, and he knows how to cheer you up. From your favorite meal to your favorite activity, he knows and is willing to do it all.

8. He thinks you're beautiful all of the time.

Whether you are in a nice dress or in your sweats, he thinks you're beautiful. He always thinks you're beautiful, inside and out. He loves all of you, not just what he sees on the outside.

9. He is himself around you.

If he is comfortable around you, he definitely loves you. He's not afraid to share anything, and you shouldn't be either.

10. He includes you in his future.

He starts using pronouns like "us" and "we" to signify that he cares. Whether his goals are short or long-term, he includes you in them.

11. He puts your needs before his.

Whether you need a hug or a new radiator in your car, he is always there, ready to help in any ways he possibly can. His needs constantly fall second to yours.

12. He makes sure you know just how special you are.

By saying those three magic words and always wanting to be by your side, wanting to be there for you in times of happiness and in times of sorrow, he loves you. He loves everything about you and he wants to spend as much of his time as he can with you. And in the end, his little actions add up to the whole picture. He loves you, and he's not afraid to show it.

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