Existing in a world plagued by hetero-normative values, life is never easy for someone living as a sexual minority. In the case of lesbians, it is not uncommon that we have to deal with distasteful remarks from strangers, co-workers, family members, or even friends. With that said, here are twelve things lesbians are sick of hearing.

1. "You don't look like a lesbian."

Sexual orientations don't come with a handbook on how you are supposed to dress or act. They don't come with a new haircut or alternate wardrobe. However, I probably look tired because I'm sick of people suggesting that I'm supposed to look like anything.

2. "Have you ever tried being with a man?"

Have you ever tried minding your own business?

3. "So like... how do you, y'know, have sex?"

There's not a secret lesbian move that you only get to know after you've been inducted into the super secret lesbian cult. Don't act like you haven't Googled it. You aren't fooling anybody.

4. "How do your parents feel about it?"

The same way they felt about my first gynecologist appointment. While they may want to know who I'm spending my evening with, they don't need to know all the details.

5. "I would be gay.. but .."

Too bad being gay isn't a choice.

6. "If you had to get with a guy - who would it be?"

If I had to get with a guy then it wouldn't be anyone in particular because by 'get with' I assume that you mean spend time with. Perhaps I'll spend my time with groups of men and mentor them on the female anatomy because that seems to be a tough subject for them.

7. "So ... threesome?"

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no. Bye.

8. "I always knew you were gay."

Knew? Or hoped?

9. "Who wears the pants in the relationship?"

Hopefully neither of us.

10. "You're so lucky, you don't have to worry about getting pregnant!"

Yeah - just harassed, abused, or murdered for my sexual orientation. It's chill.

11. "I kissed a girl once."

Good for you. Unfortunately, we are not here for you to vent your gay experiences to.

And my personal favorite..

12. "Being gay is a sin."

So is that denim skirt, honey.