12 Things I Learned After My Freshman Year Of College
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Student Life

12 Things I Learned After My Freshman Year Of College

It's more than just calculus and chemistry.

12 Things I Learned After My Freshman Year Of College
Nicolay Dorsett

As my freshman year in college comes to an end, I have learned so many things about myself as a person. Freshman year was a whirlwind of emotions, filled with confusion, stress and fun. It was a whole year full of new experiences, missing home and learning about life. Through the eight or so months that I have been away from home, I have learned so much from the the new people I have met, the new experiences I have encountered, the new concepts that have been taught (or not taught at all) to me, and so much more.

1. Call your parents

I talk to my mom and dad on a daily basis but sometimes I forget to call them with my life in college. I was either with my friends or with my sorority sisters that sometimes, I forget to call them. Call your parents because they miss you too.

2. Put yourself out there

Don't be that person who stays in their dorm all day long. Go out and be involved. Also say hey to the person you're sitting next to in the lecture hall; they might be your best friend or they might be that person who helps you out in that class.

3. The “broke college kid” stereotype is real

SAVE YOUR MONEY. I feel like all my money went to going out with friends and eating. Save your money and know when and what you should spend it on. It's okay to go out to the club on Friday nights but don't go EVERY Friday night. Spend some time with your friends in the dorm and have a movie night. It's also okay to eat some fast food but save that money. Don't go out to eat all the time. Dining hall food sucks but you paid for a meal plan.

4. Take care of yourself

A lot of my friends were sick and I got sick a couple of time. Take care of yourself because, in college, there are so many germs that you don't realize you come in contact. Do everything you can to stay healthy, meaning plenty of water, healthy foods, and a good eight to 10 hours of sleep every night.

5. Never write a paper the day before it’s due

I have done this a couple of time... please don't do that to yourself. I have also started a paper at 10 pm when it was due at 11:59 pm. Don't be like me and procrastinate your paper. You will regret it.

6. Get involved on campus

I like being involved because it makes me get out of my dorm. If I wasn't in a sorority, I'd probably be in bed all the time from taking naps to watching Netflix. Join clubs that interest you and be involved on campus because it also looks good on your resume as well.

7. You don't need to bring your entire closet with you

I pretty much brought my whole closet with me because I like having all my clothes with me because if I had an event, I know I have something in my closet to wear. But I realized that I don't need all my clothes with me because I pretty much wore the same thing every week. Take what you like and that's it. Plus the closet space here in college sucks.

8. Watching Netflix is a trap

You tell yourself that you will only watch one episode as a study break, but then you end up looking at the clock 3 hours later. Sometimes you just need a true friend to change the password to your Netflix account and not tell you what it is in order for you to pass your classes.

9. Go out and have fun

Go to frat parties. Go drink. Go to the club. Go have fun. But be responsible. I had a great time at parties and I have many memories there with my friends.


You came to college for an education. Your parents or you are paying for your tuition. Go to class. It's okay to skip every once in awhile but don't make it a habit of yours. Be organized and study; don't slack because it will catch up to you. Fall semester is a lot easier than spring semester. Spring semester is a lot harder because you know what you can and can't do and there's spring break in spring semester. I took many L's this semester, don't be like me.

11. Go to the sporting events

Have school pride and go to games. I love going to the football, basketball and baseball games. Cheering on the different teams is a great way to bond with friends you don't get to see often and is also a better way to keep from writing those papers that are due the next day.

12. Make it count

You will never have another freshman year of college. There is a reason why so many people refer to their first year of college as their favorite. You should try to enjoy every moment and not get hung up on the little things. Don't worry about the boy from last weekend who hasn't texted you. Be spontaneous and go explore downtown and your city. Focus on the good things like living with some of your best friends. These could be the most fun years of your life or the most stressful. It's up to you.

I am so happy with my freshman year, I gained new best friends, the best big ever, I got two roommates (my fall semester roommate left and went back home and I got another roommate for spring semester), I went out and had fun. Make your freshman year count!

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