When the time comes, it's going to be rather hard to say goodbye to our favorite crime-fighting team of the tough yet loving special agent Seeley Booth, played by David Boreanaz, and the brilliant yet awkward forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan, played by Emily Deschanel, with the help of the FBI and Jeffersonian Institute.

"Bones" isn't just a show about solving cases, but about the relationships each character has with one another. We have grown with them all as they have entertained us for over 200 episodes, so saying goodbye isn't going to be easy. There are many things about this show and the characters we are going to miss.

Bones's lack of social skills

We love Temperance Brennan for her awkwardness and inability to relate to people because we've all been there at some point, so we will definitely miss her bluntness and tendency to say exactly what she's thinking without holding back.

All the dancing

Yeah, there has been a lot of dancing.

Bones's self-confidence

She knows she's the best and isn't afraid to say it. We will definitely miss that self-confidence she voices every so often...

Booth and Brennan going Undercover

We may miss Booth and Brennan, but we'll also miss Buck and Wanda, and Tony and Roxie.

The experiments

Hodgin's experiments will be missed, as will Cam's classic angry reaction to seeing Hodgin conduct a new experiment.

The interns

Although they came and went, we fell in love with all the different interns, or "squinterns," over the years and will miss them as well!

Hodgins and Angela

From the first date on the swings to where they are now, this couple is one we have fallen in love with as they have fallen in love with each other.

The times they made us laugh

Murder isn't always the funniest topic, but the writers of "Bones" always made sure we had something to giggle at, whether it be an experiment gone wrong, Aubrey's food addiction, Caroline's antics, Bones's random facts, or Booth's funny socks.

The classic murder phone call

Whenever the phone rang within the first few minutes of the episode, you knew what was coming.

The opening theme song

That giddy feeling when you hear the theme tune and see those opening credits is something that we'd be lying if we said we wouldn't miss.

The times they made us cry

Yes, we'll even miss those moments where we sat there hysterical crying, whether it be tears of sadness or happiness. This show definitely played into our emotions.

Booth and Brennan

Booth and Brennan have truly been through it all. From hating each other, to fighting snakes and serial killers, to almost dying too many times, to war and love triangles and poor timing, they somehow made it through. And we can't forget about Christine and Hank and definitely not about dancing around to "Hot Blooded." You couldn't help but cheer when they finally got together. We've been with them since day one and have become part of their relationship and have stuck with them through every up and down. They are more than just partners, and will always be part of us even when the show ends.

Unlike the classic crime shows, Bones isn't just about solving cases, it's about each and every member of the team, their story and relationships with one another. It's about making us cry and making us laugh.

Although there is much we'll miss, Bones will forever be one of the greatest shows.