12 Struggles Of Wanting To Be Excited About The Holiday Season But Being Stuck In College

Halloween is over, and Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. You're so ready to start getting excited for Christmas, but you're stuck in college. Here are 12 struggles that come from being someone who loves the holiday season, but is a (semi) responsible student.

1. You want to listen to Christmas music in the car, but it just stresses you out.

How many more weeks until Christmas break? So how many exams is that between now and then? Ugh. I can’t think that far ahead.

2. The thought of Thanksgiving just depresses you.

Thanksgiving means that finals week is almost here. Finals week means death.

3. You want to decorate your apartment for Christmas, but you know there’s no point.

Why go through all the trouble of putting up a tree when you won’t even be there for Christmas? But you want a tree.

4. You want to watch all of the holiday movies nonstop, but you don’t have time.

Why do you have four papers and two exams in the next three weeks? Don’t the professors know you need to start getting ahead on your Christmas movie watching? You have to be prepared for 25 Days of Christmas.

5. When your campus starts putting up decorations and it makes you sad.

I can’t get excited about Christmas lights yet. I have to study. Quit rubbing it in my face.

6. You wanted to be in shape before the holidays, but you can’t stop stress eating.

So much to do, so little time. Eating takes the pain away.

7. The colder weather should excite you, but it really just annoys you.

The cold weather when you’re not walking to class means scarves and fun. The cold weather when you’re walking to class is torture.

8. You see previews for the Christmas movies coming out and you die a little inside.

But, Dec. 18 is so far away. Can’t they all come out now? Well, you wouldn’t have time to see them anyway.

9. Thinking about Christmas Day inevitably leads you to thinking about finals week.

Which leads you to think about your current grades – I just want to be excited about Christmas. Why must I endure torture to get there?

10. You keep trying to think about all the amazing gift you’re going to get people, but then you realize you’re broke.

Which really just stresses you out even more. How will you afford to get anyone anything this year?

11. You can’t believe it’s about to be a new year, already.

What do you mean only two months until 2016? The year 2015 was supposed to be the year I made all As and lost 15 pounds.

12. You realize that you’re one semester closer to being in the real world.

I have to start making real decisions about the rest of my life? Um, no thanks. As if you don’t already have enough to stress about.

Regardless of all of the stress that comes with the holiday season, you refuse to not be excited. It's your favorite time of the year! So you’ll just throw on your Christmas socks and power through.

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