Leaving your college friends is probably one of the hardest things you will ever have to do. You will face many struggles and deal with the pain of not seeing them for long periods of time.

1. Saying Goodbye.

One of the hardest goodbyes you'll ever have to give. You don't want to leave them and they don't want to leave you.

2. Not having any food.

You can't walk into the next room and go through your friends' food. The only food you have in the house is the gross food your parents buy.

3. You can't walk into the next room and find your friends.

You're lonely and have no one to talk to. You can't just yell down the hall and have someone come to you.

4. You can't jump into bed with them and cuddle.

You can't yell or walk over and just jump into bead with your friends. You don't have the cuddle time.

5. No one is there to force you out of bed to run to the dinning hall.

You get up when you want. No one is there to bang on your door or just walk in and jump on you so you get out of bed.

6. Not having a bunch of closets to go through.

You have about ten people's closets to go through when you're at school but when you're home you have to deal with your own clothes and nothing else.

7. Starting the countdown the day you leave.

I started my countdown as soon as I started packing up my dorm.

8. Crying.

There were a lot of tears and they never stop.

9. Realizing you have absolutely nothing to do.

You go from having something to do every minute of everyday to being home and alone and having nothing to do.

10. You have to keep your dumb thoughts to yourself.

Only the people you live with will really understand and accept you and your dumb thoughts. Those are your college friends.

11. Your home friends just don't understand.

They don't understand why you're so obsessed with your school or your friends. They don't understand your jokes or new lingo.

12. Still crying.

The tears never end.

You miss your friends. You go from seeing them every minute of everyday for eight months to not seeing them at all for three. It sucks. I miss my friends so much.