12 Struggles Only Only Daughters Who Grew Up With Brothers Know
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12 Struggles Only Only Daughters Who Grew Up With Brothers Know

“This isn’t the WWE” is a commonly used phrase.

12 Struggles Only Only Daughters Who Grew Up With Brothers Know
Kylene Ronayne

Being the only daughter in the family is both a blessing and a curse: the main advantage of being the only girl is that you are the princess so you tend to get away with things more easily, BUT you are also subject to living with gross, unfiltered, testosterone-driven boys. Don’t get me wrong, it has its perks—like knowing they will beat up any guy who ever hurts you. Sometimes, however, being the only girl can get frustrating and overwhelming...

1. Boys are disgusting.


Farting, burping on command, wearing the same clothes three days in a row — it gets old real fast.

2. They're lazy and unorganized.


“When is the last time you cleaned your room?”

“I don’t know, the last time mom cleaned it.”

3. They beat the crap out of each other ALL THE TIME.


“Boys will be boys” is a cute phrase until someone breaks their collarbone.

4. Boys can be just as dramatic as girls.


God forbid someone accidentally changes the channel on the TV while they watch football.

5. They are so damn competitive.

“I bet you I can chug this root beer faster than you.” There’s just no need for it.

6. If they know something annoys you, they will do it to no end.

The minute you say “stop” to something they’re doing, they continue to do it, except faster or in some way more irritating.


But then they just leave the empty box/container where it was, instead of throwing it out like a normal person.

8. They're usually the ones pissing off mom or dad.

Therefore, you have to live with the consequences of their dumb actions.

9. They have zero sense of style.

“Nice groutfit.”

10. They won't let themselves be seen in public with you.

How is it that THEY are the ones embarrassed by ME?

11. They will never actually say "I love you" to your face.

Any time you show them affection it’s either “get away from me” or some sort of unenthused moan.

12. But they will always have your back at the end of the day.

Brother & Sister

Despite all these annoyances, brothers definitely make you laugh until you cry and will always be there to support you (even if they’ve made you “tough” enough.)

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