12 Strange New Year's Traditions Around the World
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12 Strange New Year's Traditions Around the World

See how folks around the world will be bidding 2020 adieu.

12 Strange New Year's Traditions Around the World

Let's face it, 2020 has not been easy. Literally, everyone around the world will agree. But, from wearing red underwear to dropping ice cream on the floor, this New Year's Eve, everyone will be hoping for a better 2021. Who knows? Maybe you can even give some of these traditions a try ;)

Pouring Lead- Germany


Germans will melt lead into a spoon then drop it into cold water. The shape of the led predicts your fate for the next year:

Rolls into a ball = luck

The shape of a crown= wealth

Cross= death

Star= happiness

Throwing Furniture- South Africa


If you are on the streets of Johannesburg on New Year's Eve, you better watch your head. Chances are, you will spot furniture flying from windows. You read that right. TV Sets, Fridges, you name it. For locals, this symbolizes a fresh start. Recently, however, authorities have established restrictions on this tradition.

Broken China- Denmark

112 International

Ever wanted to just smash a plate for no apparent reason? Well now you have an excuse to! In Denmark, people throw dishes against their neighbors' front doors. The bigger the pile of broken china, the luckier you will be. Danes will also jump off chairs at midnight to represent their leap into the new year.

White Flowers- Brazil

Best Life

Throwing white flowers into the ocean is said to satisfy the water deity, Yemojia.

Burning Wishes- Russia

Atlanta Journal Constitution

People in Russian speaking countries write down a wish on paper and burn it at midnight. Then, they put the ashes into the champagne and must drink it for it to come true.

Sleeping at cemeteries- Chile

World Map

This shows respect for deceased loved ones

Dropping Ice Cream-Switzerland

ice cream on roadPhoto by Pawel Janiak on Unsplash

The Swiss celebrate by dropping ice cream on the floor, which is said to bring peace.

Colored Panties- Peru, Chile, and Ecuador


The color underwear you wear decides your fortune. If you want love, wear red undies. If you want wealth, wear yellow. If you want peace, wear white.

Carrying around suitcases- Colombia

Latin Post

This is said to mean a travel-filled year

Sleeping on Mistletoe-Ireland

Single women will place mistletoe under their pillow in hopes of finding love in the New Year.

Circles Everywhere- Philippines

woman in red and white polka dot long sleeve shirt holding plastic bottlePhoto by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

The symbol of the circle is sacred for Filipinos. Wearing polka dots and eating round fruits is said to bring good luck.

Eating 12 Grapes- Spain


Locals will eat 12 grapes, each one symbolizing good luck for each month of the New Year.

Potato Drop, Idaho, US

Idaho press

Spectators gather to watch a 400-pound Potato Drop every year.

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