College is an entirely different world and that is evident through everything college students say and do. With that, the way we all use social media and interact with each other is also completely different from how you'd probably expect.

1. The "up all night and here's the proof" snap.

Every college student has pulled an all-nighter in their life throughout college, and they will let everyone know. We're suffering, and we want everyone to suffer with us.

2. The "I just woke up from a nap and I look ridiculous but it's OK" photo.

Naps get everyone through the day in college. More than likely, you probably have a scheduled nap time. When you wake up from a nap you can be all cuddled up looking fresh. Or if you're like me, you look like a bus just hit you because you don't just nap, you hibernate.

3. The "I'm ready to go out and everyone should know" snap.

It's Friday night and you have the cutest outfit on. This Snapchat always consists of you and another girl or guy in the mirror look fine as hell. There's definitely a filter and emojis involved as well. You've hidden all the Alc so your RA or whoever you have on your Snapchat won't see it (why don't you have them blocked, again?).

4. The "I regret going out last night and everyone needs to know" snap.

Speaking of Friday night... the Saturday and Sunday morning Snapchats are the best. Your hair looks like a bird's nest, your makeup in all over your face, your clothes are probably on backward or not even on and there's probably a trash can in your bed. You're at the lowest of the lows. The caption is probably "Anyone have Pedialyte?"

5. The "I have the best roomie ever and you should all be jealous" snap.

Most people love their roommate and when they do something cute for you, everyone should know. I know when my roommate would leave me notes, or vice versa, we would Snapchat them and put them on our story. Appreciate your roommate and make sure everyone knows how they are in fact the

6. The "I woke up late for class but I don't even care because it's the third time this week" snap.

I'm most guilty of this one! Everyone in their college career will have an 8 am class and it sucks. Waking up for it is rough, so getting a snap of someone rolling into class in their pajamas and slippers on the daily is not out of the ordinary.

7. The "I actually got dressed for class and I'm proud of myself so you should be proud of me, too" snap.

Every once in a while, we feel like looking nice for class. You sure know that I am sending out a mirror selfie of my cute outfit. If I actually put jeans on and brushed my hair, you bet I'm sending out a mass snap to all my contacts showing them how fly I look.

8. The "I promise I work out sometimes" snap.

Getting to the gym in college is more difficult than getting to class on time after an all-nighter. So when you do make it to the gym, you're sure as hell going to send a mirror selfie with the workout machines behind you.

9. The "I actually miss home more than I thought I would" snap.

Everyone gets homesick at some point. Whether you miss your bed, your mom's cooking or your favorite little pup, we have all been there. So when you're going through this stress, hopefully, someone else on your Snapchat recents list is riding that struggle bus as well and you can have a cry session together.

10. The "Does anyone know what happened last night?" snap.

Everyone has had one of those nights, if not more than one, where you have woken up and had no idea what you did the night before. You have no idea how you got home, who you saw or even what house you were at. Trying to piece it together, you snap everyone you know that could have seen you out, to get answers.

11. The "Someone needs to come do my laundry because that's more effort than I'm willing to exert right now" snap.

Somehow, even though doing your laundry takes a total of five to ten minutes of actual involvement, everyone hates doing it. Don't even think about having to fold it right after it comes out. That will take seven to ten business days. It is such an easy task, yet everyone dreads doing it, so we try to pawn it off on someone else.

12. The "I miss you guys already" snap.

The end of the semester arrives and everyone is packing up their rooms and saying their goodbyes. You drive off with your car full of stuff you're just going to be dragging back up in three months. As soon as you hit the highway you send out a snap of the sunset with the caption "Miss you guys already... T-3 months."