The 12 Smells All Walt Disney World Fans Know
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The 12 Smells All Walt Disney World Fans Know

The wonderful world of smells.

The 12 Smells All Walt Disney World Fans Know

Being "The Most Magical Place on Earth," Walt Disney World needs to create magic that appeals to all of the senses. Take Main Street U.S.A. as an example. As you walk down the street, you can see the breathtaking view of Cinderella's castle. You can taste a caramel apple from the Confectionary. You can touch the string from a Mickey balloon. You hear the singing from the Trolley Show. Perhaps the most subtle contributor to the magic is the scent. While Walt Disney World scents may be subtle, Disney fans know that smells in the parks play an import part. Here are the 12 smells all Walt Disney World fans know and love.

1. Water Rides

"It's a Small World" and "Splash Mountain" are just two examples of rides that give off this unique aroma of chlorine and magic. As you float along on the "happiest cruise that ever sailed," you take in this wonderful scent and associate it with small dancing animatronics from around the world.

2. Soarin'

The ride "Soarin'" includes wonderful views as you hang-glide over California. These views are matched with scents to make it feel like you are truly flying over California. Orange groves, pine trees, and beaches anyone?

3. The Burning of Rome

Also located at EPCOT, "Spaceship Earth" gives off a very distinct smell when it comes to covering the history behind the burning of the Library of Alexandria. This scent has been described as smokey or barbecue-like.

4. Tomorrowland Speedway

As you race against your family and friends on this ride, located at the Magic Kingdom, you smell the very strong smell of gasoline.

5. Resort Soap

If you have ever stayed at a Walt Disney World Resort, you know the wonders of the free shampoo, conditioner, soap and other toiletries. The crisp, clean scents are so popular amongst guests that you can now buy the products in larger quantities at the resort gift shops. That is if you don't just stock up on the complimentary ones in your room.

6. Sweat

It's no surprise that with its Central Florida location, Walt Disney World can get just a bit hot. Spending a full day in the park can lead to lots of sweat, especially during the hot, humid months of the summer.

7. Plaza Ice Cream Parlor

As you walk on Main Street U.S.A., you can smell ice cream from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. The sweet, vanilla aroma that comes from the Plaza convinces you to wait in line for a cone or float.

8. Corn Nuggets

Right across the street from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor is Casey's Corner. Casey's is home to the all-American Corn Nuggets. The smell of Corn Nuggets is easily detected on Main Street and sometimes even from the inside of the Emporium.

9. Sweet Shops and Bakeries

The various bakeries and sweet shops located on Disney property all seem to have a similar, sugary smell. This sweet, cotton-candy like aroma can be found at Sweet Spells in Disney's Hollywood Studios and Big Top Circus at the Magic Kingdom.

10. Glazed Almonds

Food is clearly a theme with Disney scents. These cinnamon-glazed almonds can be found at select outdoor vending locations such as in Adventureland near "Pirates of the Caribbean."

11. Philarmagic

The smell of food can also be found on certain Walt Disney World Attractions. The "Be Our Guest" segment of "Philarmagic" is a great example. The popping of champagne bottles and slices of berry pie are just a few of the scents on this 4D attraction.

12. Popcorn

Many people relate the smell of buttery popcorn with Walt Disney World. This could be because of the location of popcorn parks at the entrance of the park. It is the first scent you encounter. It is also the last scent as you smell as you exit the park. Therefore, it becomes the scent that you associated with all the magic and fun you had at the park that day.

These smells along with many others (good or bad) are the last little touch that makes Walt Disney World so magical.

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