If you have stuck with my somewhat boring questions, you are a movie buff. To further continue, let's go to how you are you:

1. You Watch It Once– Okay, Maybe Twice.

Let's face it. Movies are very entertaining to us. So entertaining that we could watch it over and over again, with people you know criticizing your movie choices. And this is where you choose to be living your own dream.

2. You Try To Get That Lazy Friend To Watch It, Too.

When a movie is either so good that you feel the need to share it with your friends. Though be mindful, some people aren't us. Just do not get too upset if they turn down your weekly recommendation lists.

3. You Speak That Film's Language– Literally.

You may remember a film's memorable quote that deeply touched you, or you may have already memorized many films' scripts. You might think of a particular movie scene in your mind when you basically do or see anything. Or if you're odd, like I am, you would be able to speak a little bit of Inglourious Bastards, with some Avatar, maybe even some of the Sioux language used in Dances With Wolves. I'm just saying, not trying to overwhelm you or anything.

4. You Know Every Name In Hollywood.

Memorizing names in real life can be overwhelming– for some. But, if you were that kid who owned that Portable DVD Player and had it in each and every pillow fort you've ever built, you loved your movies. Even on my Hybrid VCR/DVD players, I would always have my DVD books laying in front of me, along with multiple tapes in my drawers.

5. You Cannot Pick A Favorite Movie– Ever.

No matter how hard we try to answer this question, it is always either an indecisive reply, or a question that simply cannot be answered. You would have to watch a ton of movies like us in order to understand that there is no such thing as a favorite– at least in my movie-book. And, speaking of favorites....

6. Blockbuster Was Your Favorite Place On Earth.

Oh, I know– I said Blockbuster. Have you heard of that place? Well, if you've lived at the time where there were Blockbusters on each block, and went there almost all of your time, those $4 rentals were worth it. Even when you had those fees coming, you did not really care because why would you want a movie for just a day anyway? I was just a kid, but I remember those times so vividly, as well as all the memories I would not take back for anything in this world. And in my opinion, Redbox just will never be the same– sorry Redbox.

7. You'd Rather Watch That Movie Alone

Some like to watch movies with others, however, some do not. There are two kinds of people in our world: people who find movies as their own distraction & people who are found as distractions to your movies. If you are a movie buff, at times, you are selfish in this department– or even picky with whom you'd like to share your movie time with. This brings me to the next part of the list.

8. If You Put On That Really Amazing Movie For Someone Other Than Yourself To Watch, You Really Care About That Person.

And what's even worse? You're constantly worried about if they will get the movie or even watch it like you would expect them to. Guess what? Never expect someone to like something equally as you because whenever you expect things, the outcome is usually the opposite. It's worth the try, though. You never know until you give it a chance, I guess.

9. You Are A Geek– Be Proud Of It.

And if you're wondering what I am referring to when I say you are a geek, you should know already. I know this seems silly, but, I always had an ear for music as well. Moreover, I would watch so many films, as well as all the awards and festivals just to see the winners on each category of the films I watch. I love listening to a film's score like no other, and I know there is someone out there who does as well. It really is beautiful how a score is composed. It is an adaptation from our history as well as any time period to make a film original. As a writer, an artist, a movie buff, and an overall pantomath at heart, I am proud that there are others similar to me. Keep watching those movies that you like so much and do not let anyone stop you.

10. What Is A Genre, Anyways?

When you are a movie buff, there probably isn't a genre out there that doesn't contain a movie you dislike. When it comes to horror, in my opinion, I did not like it at first until I really watched a couple films and grew a deep liking for some. And believe me when I say this, you will never know what types of movies interest you unless you try them. Do not say you hate thrillers, for example, when you haven't really seen enough thrillers yet. Each genre is different, and entails a different meaning through categories of interest. Explore them!

11. Movies, In Fact, Educate Us.

Whether it is learning from a movie that was based on an adaptation from a novel, or entails true events of our time, we learn from them. Moreover, you may even relate to them. If you watch films of various time periods, you can see how advanced our cinematic documentations have really become– and you can always go back to them, like a time machine.

12. It's Our Way Of Life.

Whether it is to escape our reality for just a few hours, or to simply sleep to them on repeat, count us in. We like the feelings we begin to experience after watching as well. Those feelings could be either nostalgic, or provoke our future ambitions. Whether or not these feelings are consistently felt after watching a film, you know you will find more in your life that will inspire you no matter what you do. It's just how our inner movie buff works.