12 Signs That You're Younger Than Everyone In Your Grade

In New York state, the cutoff birth date is December 1st. In other words, in order to send your child to Kindergarten, they must turn five before December 1st of that year. This creates a weirdness surrounding fall birthdays that not many other states have. Whether your parents decided to send you to school at four or wait another year, if you're born from August to November, you will be either very old for your grade or very young. Unfortunately, I am on the young side of this spectrum. My birthday is Oct. 17 and up until high school, it did not bother me one bit. Now that I am a 19-year-old junior in college, I finally understand the struggle that many of us youngsters feel surrounding our fricken birthday. Here are just a few of them.

1. You got your license your senior year of high school after everyone and their brother had theirs for a year.

2. You never lived at home when you were 18 so there was no pulling that "I'm an adult" line in high school.

3. Not to mention the fact that when you made friends in college, you celebrated their 19th before your 18th was even close.

4. People who are older for their grade try to sympathize with you but you kind of feel like strangling them because they will NEVER get it.

5. People act like you're prepubescent when you tell them how old you are.

6. The age old, "You'll only be 99 when were 100" joke does, in fact, get very old and very annoying.

7. You used to think being younger meant you were smarter, but then you grew up and realized it just meant your parents wanted to get you out of the house.

8. You've never appreciate the age you are because once you turn an age, everyone else is already turning a year older and you feel lame again.

9. Celebrating everyone's 21st like

10. You have to wait a full year of experiencing everyone you know turning 21 before you do and by then everyone is bored of it.

11. The wait to become 21.

12. Did I mention not being 21?

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