Weddings are my favorite celebrations; two people committing to each other for life is the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed. This is good news because I have been to 4 weddings in the last 3 months, and have at least 3 more in the next 6 months. I have had a lot of time to enjoy all of the best moments at weddings, and I am now here to tell you why weddings are the

1. The cake

Why is wedding cake so much better than normal cake? I don't know what sort of sorcery is used to make it so delicious, but I need to learn it.

2. Dancing

There's only so many scenarios in which you are allowed to be excited that Wannabe by the Spice Girls is playing. Love it while you can.

3. The Groom

Everyone knows that watching the groom as the bride walks down the aisle is the best part, but the fun doesn't stop there. Every heart melts as the groom fights back tears reciting his vows. We can all feel his excitement as he kisses his wife for the first time. The bride may be the star of the show, but the groom is the icing on the cake.

4. Embarrassing stories

Let's be honest: the only reason we listen to the wedding toasts is because we are hoping for a childhood story about the groom running naked through the neighborhood chasing a cat.

5. Father/Daughter Dance

Watching a dad dance with his little girl for (probably) the last time is the sweetest moment.

6. Flowers

Like the cake, the flowers are always perfectly arranged and look like the came from heaven. How do they do it? We will never know.

7. Dressing Up

Whether or not you are willing to admit it, dressing up is fun. You feel good about yourself in your favorite dress.

8. The flower girl and ring bearer

Always a center for entertainment, the flower girl and ring bear(er) are never predictable. Will the two year old make it all the way down the aisle without crying? Probably not. Will the flower girl yell something as she sprints down the aisle? I sure hope so.

9. The love

The love in the room is palpable. The faces of the bride and groom say it all.

10. Awkward families

"Two families become one" is a great sentiment, but it usually doesn't work out so smoothly. Sit back and watch the awkward ensue.

11. Weird traditions

None of us single women want to be lined up trying to catch the bouquet in hopes that we will be the next to tie the knot, so why do we do it? I don't know, but it's fun to watch how uncomfortable everyone is!

12. Free Food

If the rest of this list didn't convince you that weddings are awesome, at least go for the free food. All you have to do is show up, and you get to eat really good food that someone else paid for. It's a win-win.