15 Reasons Why Finstas Make The World A Better Place
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15 Reasons Why Finstas Make The World A Better Place

Fake Instagrams aren't a phase; they're a lifestyle

15 Reasons Why Finstas Make The World A Better Place

1. A special bond between you and your followers. Every follower is basically like "the chosen one." When chosen, you are apart of a carefully hand-selected group of people that the finsta creator is comfortable enough to let into their upside down world. It's an honor, really.

2. Everyone finally appreciates your unique sense of humor. While many of your friends already know you are hilarious, some are just beginning to realize how pee-your-pants-funny you are as you bring out this side of you. Because after all, finsta is essentially one big comedy show starring your life. You have to keep the crowd laughing.

3. It lets your followers know you in a way they wouldn't have otherwise.

4. A place to write about all the crazy shenanigans that go on in your life.

5. Number of likes doesn't matter. You could literally get seven likes and surprisingly life goes on. It is truly a beautiful thing.

6. A place to have informal conversations. Sometimes you simply need help picking an outfit. Or maybe you need someone to give you a serious reality check and confront you via comment about how it's time to get over that ex-boyfriend who you still text when highly intoxicated. Chances are they may not text you about it, but they sure won't hesitate to enforce their strong opinion regarding the newest update on your life. Consider them your "finsta therapists."

7. You can post ugly selfies. In fact, it's encouraged.

8. Or post screenshots of scandalous conversations from your texts.

9. It's the best form of entertainment. There always comes a time where you've refreshed your Instagram feed one too many times, only to see the same pics. Boring! Finstas keep us entertained when the regular insta world just isn't cutting it.

10. You can complain and rant about all of your problems.

11. Or share your deepest, darkest secrets.

12. There are no finsta rules. You can post whatever you want, however you want, with whatever ridiculous caption you want.

13. It serves as another account to get 'likes' from. When you're feeling pretty desperate, or even when you're not, you always have the reassuring feeling that you can give yourself a like on your real insta from your finsta. And when you're feeling generous, doing the same for your friends. A true finsta blessing.

14. It's completely private. Everyone in the 'finsta loop' knows that it is supposed to be under the private setting so that you can accept/deny those who request to see it. This way no one will find your account, and all the embarrassing pictures of you that should probably be buried for an eternity.

15. You can 100% be yourself. Because unlike your real instagram aka "rinsta," it's not about the filters, emojis, edits; it's about the real and authentic you. With finsta, you don't have to conform to the expectations and pressures that come along with Instagram. You have the full freedom to be the hilarious individual that you were meant to be for your own pleasure and for your friends too. And so, I rest my case. Finstas indeed make the world a better place.

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