I have had a special place in my heart for corgis since this little petunia waddled her way into my life.

I mean look at her! She always just stops between the petunias and surveys her territory. She also has to stop and smell every flower. It's the cutest thing. But besides me thinking that my dog is the best in the world, corgis really are amazing. Here are just 12 reasons why.

1. They are the couch potatoes of dog breeds

While corgis can be very athletic, every corgi I have known has loved just chilling with her people more.

Exhibit A:

This is probably why it's so important to exercise them.

2. Everyone thinks of royalty when they see them

Since Queen Elizabeth has owned corgis for over seventy years, no one can separate the two things in their minds. It's probably why they think they're the king of their neighborhoods.

3. They were bred to herd cows

The fact that these tiny dogs can successfully herd cows is amazing. Just goes to show that they have the hearts of lions.

4. They are an incredibly smart breed

Corgis are the 11th smartest dog breed That must be how she knows where I hide the new bags of dog treats!

5. Corgi butts

Need I say more?

6. They are fiercely protective of their families

I know that when I'm with Prim, no one is getting within 10 feet of me. While it can be slightly embarrassing that people know to cross the street when they see your dog coming, I know that she only does it because she wants to keep me safe

7. They turn to balls of mush with those they love

I can guarantee whether I've been gone for five minutes, five hours, or five days, my dog is always going to greet bouncing with joy.

8. Corgi races exist

And they are a pure delight to watch.

9. The Welsh believed that faeries rode them

Because what can be better than corgis? Corgis that serve as fairy horses.

10. They know how to keep cool in the summer

Corgis are one of the breeds that have two different coats. During the spring they lose one coat so they can stay nice cool for the summer. So corgis always know how to dress for the weather.

11. They come in all styles

Corgis can be so many different colors, it is impossible not to find one you love. Also, the two different breeds of corgis give the option of a corgi with a tail and a corgi without one. Plus almost every mixed breed corgi looks like a corgi in a disguise, so the possibility of corgis looks are endless.

12. Their name means dwarf dog

At first their name is awesome because corgi is an awesome word. But then you learn that it means dwarf dog and what can really top that?

There are so many more reasons why corgis are the best dogs, but every corgi owner knows the most important reason--they love us and we love them. And what can be more important than that?