12 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than People

12 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than People

People are great, but cats definitely take the trophy for being the best.

People are great, don't get me wrong. But honestly, cats are just so much better. Cats are always there for you and don't judge you for anything. Cats love you because you take care of them and always appreciate what you do for them. They snuggle with you and are just so perfect.

1. Cats never judge you.

Like, if you want to eat 12 tacos and some ice cream, a cat will just snuggle up next to you and maybe try to eat some. A person would probably say,"Oh my gosh...that's so much food...you're going to be so fat." But cats don't care how fat you are as long they get fed, too.

2. They sleep all day.

Cats sleep for like an hour every 10 minutes. As a sleep supporter, this is a very good idea to me because that is the perfect amount of sleep.

3. They all look different and they don't discriminate.

Cats don't care what another cat's fur looks like, as long as they can play.

4. They are adorable.

A cat could do anything and still be adorable. Cats are cute criers, sneezers, sleepers, and literally everything.

5. They are goofballs without even trying to be.

A cat just being a cat is the funniest thing ever. They make the strangest faces, do the weirdest things, are extremely clumsy, and just have a great time without a care in the world.

6. They love you unconditionally.

Even if you don't feed them on time, or go on a trip without them, they always still love you (even if they take a little bit of time to stop being mad). Cats will never abandon you and even if you don't like them, they will still give you all the attention you need.

7. They are attention addicts.

They literally always want attention and get mad if you don't give them attention. As someone that likes a lot of attention, I can totally relate to this.

8. They are scaredy cats.

Cats get scared over the silliest things. My cat once got scared of a trash bag being opened and then he tried to attack the trash bag.

9. They act big and tough.

Cats are super small compared to almost everything, and yet they still think that they can take on anything. And it's the cutest thing ever.

10. They make sure you never oversleep.

Cats have an internal alarm clock to be fed. I don't know how they wake up from a dead sleep and know that it's time to eat, but they do. Which means that you have to wake up to feed them, no matter the time. They are like snuggly alarm clocks.

11. They can fit literally anywhere.

I'm convinced that cats can make their bones bendy when they need to, to fit into the oddest places.

12. They are all you need in the world.

They are your best friend, cuddle buddy, cheerer upper, and everything in between. Humans are so lucky to have them.

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Cover Image Credit: Jordan Griffin

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