12 Reasons Rory Gilmore Is The Perfect GRE Role Model

Rory Gilmore is a gem. It's safe to say she's probably one of the most dedicated women in TV history, especially when it comes to her studies. At least when you discount that little debacle she had with dropping out of Yale and stealing a yacht. But once you move past that, she's all in when it comes to school. So when GREs come around, college students everywhere attempt to connect with their inner Rory in order to imitate her intense study habits. Here are just a few of many reasons we should all attempt to be like Rory when gearing up for the GRE.

1. She has her priorities straight.

Who has times for boys when GREs are right around the corner?

2. She can perfectly describe how you feel after a long day of studying and turning down fun plans.

Everyone keeps reminding you that you decided to take this awful test, and it's making you hate them and yourself.

3. She knows that studying for hours and hours only amplifies your sarcastic and terrible attitude.

No, of course I haven't been in the library all day...what gave you that crazy idea?

4. She also knows when to tone back the attitude, because deep down, she's pretty proud of her ambition.

Rory lovingly shows her grandfather all of her books when he asks, and you should too. Even if it will distract you from studying for a few minutes.

5. She really spoke to you with this line:

Studying sucks. The GRE sucks. The noisy people in the lib suck. Everything sucks. And Rory knows it too.

6. She isn't afraid to tell the people she loves that she needs time alone.

When it comes to studying for the GRE, we kindly have to tell our friends we will be MIA for a bit. And that's okay. Because we need to pass this test.

7. She also knows that when the test is serious, group studying isn't an option.

Study room? Not today. Or tomorrow. I need one of those cubicles for a few weeks.

8. She is willing to pass up on a great night out in order to pursue her educational goals.

I know it's Friday night, but the GRE never sleeps.

9. She's quick to dive back into the books.

If by some crazy chance you take a break from studying to go get some coffee or eat a meal that isn't microwavable, you know just how quickly you can return to the books.

10. She has hobbies, she just knows her schedule is booked.

Sure, us GRE-takers have other hobbies, but hobbies can wait until after test day.

11. She knows that all you need during study time is a hot cup of java to keep you going.

Coffee is a must for those early morning and late night study sessions. Before you hit the books, make sure you're equipped with a few cups.

12. Finally, she knows that even though studying isn't any fun, it'll all be worth it in the end.

After all, you won't be in school forever, only until you accomplish your goals and achieve your dreams.

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