ice cream is yummy

Comes in so many forms!

Soft, hard, cookie sandwiches, in a cup, on a cone, amazing choices!

Endless flavors

So many flavors to choose from: chocolate, cookies and cream, vanilla, banana, mint, strawberry; keeps going!

Ice cream even has endless toppings!

It is yummy with a variety of toppings to choose from: sprinkles, strawberries, chocolate chips, gummies; the list is endless.

It is a great treat for the summer

Ice cream is probably one of the best treats on a hot day to cool off with.

You can make it at home, which is fun!

I never created ice cream before but I hear it is fun! I hope to do it some day.

It helps sadness

Ice cream is one of those good for feeling snacks that help your mood.

It can be good for the diet!

There are many low calorie brands of ice cream that you can indulge in if you are worry about weight.

Lots of brands

Endless amounts of brands too to choose from" ben and jerry's, breyer's, magnum; endless choices.

Good for any season

Ice cream is not just for summer.

Easy dessert

Quick idea if you need a dessert, involves no baking and only spoons!


Get creative making own sundae; super fun to make.

Overall, just DELICIOUS

it is just so fricken yummy!

I hope you love ice cream just as much as I do!

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