In honor of the upcoming "Friends" reunion on NBC this February, I think that it’s time we take a look back at some of the most memorable quotes from the '90s show. The show has far from lost its fan base, which is emphasized by the fact that people have been begging for this reunion for years (literally). If you don’t remember the quotes, well that just means that you need to go and binge-watch all 10 seasons on Netflix.

1. "Welcome to the real world. It sucks. You're gonna love it!" (Monica.)

Monica Geller, giving the advice that none of us want since September 22, 1994.

2. "Paper...snow...a ghost!" (Joey.)

I think the real question here is: are ghosts heavier than milk? Because they are white and you can keep them in your refrigerator.

3. "No uterus, no opinion." (Rachel.)

Pregnant Rachel clearly has little patience for male doctors who underestimate her. Never underestimate Pregnant Rachel.

4. "Je de floop flee." (Joey.)

Joey's French is near perfect in my opinion. I have no clue why he didn't get the role, or why Phoebe wanted to smash his head through a wall.

5. "That's not even a word!" (Monica.)

Wait, so "transponster" isn't a word?! Then what does Chandler even do? (Also, Monica is scary when she loses.)

6. "How you doin'?" (Joey.)

This needs no explanation. If you don't know this, get straight to Netflix.

7. "Hi, I'm Chandler, I make jokes when I'm uncomfortable." (Chandler.)

We all do it Chandler, you're not alone.

8. "He's her lobster!" (Phoebe.)

Because Rachel and Ross are each other's lobster and are destined to hold claws in old age as they walk around their lobster tank.

9. "PIVOT!" (Ross.)

Take note people! When buying a couch, always take into account whether or not you can get said couch up the stairs...

10. "WE WERE ON A BREAK!" (Ross.)

I...yeah...I just won't instigate the "were they, weren't they" debate.

11. "!" (Janice.)

[Insert nasally voice here.]

12. "I got off the plane." (Rachel.)

Without question these are the most amazing five words in the entire show.