12 Pop Punk Bangers That Will Still Make You Cry
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12 Pop Punk Bangers That Will Still Make You Cry

Pop Punk: Pizza and sad boys

12 Pop Punk Bangers That Will Still Make You Cry

1. Get By -- Real Friends

I hate to say I told you so, turns out I came undone, you're not the only one. You'll get by while I get better, don't hold on cause I'll hold you back. When there's hope in what I say, you always turn away, you'll get by while I get better.

2. When I See You -- Sorority Noise

You smell like hospitals, and you look like bad news. If God is real, then I hope he has a plan for you. If the Devil's real, let him know I asked how he's been cause when I rid myself of my demons, they must have found a home in you.

3. Get Me Out Of Here Alive -- Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties

I'm getting by. The only faith I had left was a lie. The leeches die, turns out my blood was poison the whole time. If someone bombed heaven, the sky would look like it did tonight. All fractured and outlines, get me out of here alive.

4. Local Man Ruins Everything -- The Wonder Years

I'm not a self help book, I'm just a fucked up kid. I had to take my own advice and I did, now I'm waiting for it to sink in. °°° expect me standing tall, back against the wall, cause what I learned was, it's not about forcing happiness, it's about not letting sadness win.

5. December -- Neck Deep

Cast me aside to show yourself in a better light, I came out grieving, barely breathing, and you came out alright. And I'm sure you'll take his hand, I hope he's better than I ever could have been, my mistakes were not intentions, here's a list of my confessions I couldn't say. Pain is never permanent but tonight, it's killing me.

6. The Glass -- The Story So Far

I'm not so open like the window you are, the glass just reflects the scar. Told me that you had to leave, how the fuck does that change anything? Swear all the pain's done, no trace or tremor here. Or am I still numb? Have I been this whole year? So let me bite down, feel the clench in my teeth, till I come around, then relapse and repeat.

7. Think Of You Later (Empty Room) -- Every Avenue

So this might be my last chance, to wipe the tears from your eyes, cause this is "see you later", I'm not into goodbyes. Watch the brake lights as I leave your driveway, the warm nights will stay beside me no matter where I go.

8. Lipstick Covered Magnet -- The Front Bottoms

You swear you're a safe bet, but I know that you're not. And I think that's why I'm here and you still think I'm wrong, but there's nothing between you and me, not anymore, not on your back porch at 4am, I'm in this van hoping I won't see you again.

10. Wrightsville Beach -- A Loss For Words

All I ever wanted was a cool, dry place to rest my bones, not to drift along with this current forever, not to have to sink alone.

11. Where I Left You -- Man Overboard

Now I think I ruined our lives and it's weird now forever. Seems you can't forget all the things that I said, wasting all your time when you're wishing you were dead. Ever since you knocked me down, I've been limping forever. Broken hearts and fading memories, driving in the summer, changing of leaves. I never hurt you, I just let go.

12. Talk In Your Sleep -- Moose Blood

I still got your picture in my wallet, I want you to know I still got it, I can't seem to take it out as much as I wanna lose it now. I miss hearing you talking in your sleep.

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