12 Of Chicago's Craziest Craigslist Missed Connections
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12 Of Chicago's Craziest Craigslist Missed Connections

Do these sound like you?

12 Of Chicago's Craziest Craigslist Missed Connections
Jeremy Perkins

If you've never browsed the "Missed Connections" section of Craigslist, you're missing out on some interesting stories. Missed Connections are where people post on Craigslist, hoping to find someone that they met but never got their contact information, or someone they passed on the street.

The following 12 Missed Connections are from people in my city, Chicago, Illinois.

1. "Exchanged words...Blonde Lou malnaties!!!!"

"I Just held the door and we exchanged words but felt we did not finish or even start our conversation.
I can tell we connected..... I'm younger but...."

2. "North Chicago Arby's"

"Young man working the drive thru window. Man, you are good looking. Would love to provide whatever relief you needed!"

3. "lolla whats up eminem"

"- fist bump
- whats up eminem
- whats up

I screwed up and didn't ask for your number"

4. "Kind strangers"

"8/3 Last Thursday evening:

Crossing the street, I tripped and went SPLAT in the crosswalk. I fell so hard my hat flew off my head.

You: 2 white men that offered to help. You guys gathered the items that spilled out of my groceries bags and handed the bags to me.

Me: shocked & very grateful. I'm not a beautiful, young woman. So didn't expect help.

Thank you very much, you two!"

5. "guy who I asked about laundry cart in PPT elevator"

"We made eye contact & smiled as you were leaving the laundry area & I immediately regretted not walking to the elevator to talk a bit more. It'd be great to get in contact with you. :]"

6. "Hot Aldi Cashier"

"This is for the hot guy in his mid 20's your name starts with a "J" I was in your checkout line twice tonight, kind of seems like there was a connection, HMU and let's get together !"

7. "Pakistani Lady with three kids at Macys Schaumburg"

"You were with three kids, hazel eyes, white top, at Macys Woodfield Mall Schaumburg. You saw me twice. Saturday, August 5th.
Definitely Pakistani."

8. "Cat and Mouse on 94 by Gurnee"

"About 2:45 pm we played a little cat and mouse on the Tollway. You looked great driving that black car. I tried to keep your attention but you appeared to be on the phone. I exited on Grand but should have kept going!

You waved at me and I gave you a kind gesture as we parted. What make is your car and what was my gesture?

I must find you!"

9. "waitress at Elgin casino, I wanna spoil you."

"Hi I won a lot of money on a slot machine. it was in the high limit room. I gave you a decent tip for bringing me a drink.please contact me id love to spend my winnings on you."

10. "Gina on Green Line with Yorkie"

"You had short bleached blonde hair, big glasses, and carrying a 9 lb yorkie in your bag. We talked about the dog, how he travels well on the train, you got to bring him to work at least one Friday, and you're going to Michigan for vacay this week.

I would have loved to see if you could chat more over a coffee/drink, but had to get off at my stop and didn't have time to miss it :( Hope you and yer pup have a good break!"

11. "Girl in the office building"

"Idk who you are but when I saw you for the first time beautiful was the only word that came to mind. You were in a black dress with a white stripe at the bottom. You have reddish hair and an amazing smile.. your smile melted my universe. I couldn't stop thinking about you. I wore my jeans and a tan shirt, hat and glasses. Maybe you could hit me up."

12. "Monday Morning Run"

"As you ran past the Clubhouse, along the lake, I opened my window and saw you.
I live on the top floor, so I saw that you are losing your hair on top.
Cute. I then saw you again when I went downstairs and exited the building.
I made a mental note of what you were wearing, so please reply with those details so that I know it's really you. I hope you read this section of CL, but if not, I sure am going to keep my eyes open!"

If any of these sound like you, you can reconnect with your person via Craiglist Chicago Missed Connections
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